The magazine of the photo-essay
October 2017 issue
Words in Sight
by Gillian Hyland
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film maker
Words in Sight will be a self-published stunning selection of photographs and poems by the artist, spanning ten years of work. The narrative photography series has been inspired by poetry written by the artist over the past decade and will showcase for the first time the pictures with the words together, giving a deeper perspective and
insight into the series. Hyland’s mesmerizing and supernatural staged images are presented as film stills or dramatic moments from around the world. Hyland describes herself as an image maker and story teller. Her dramatic photographs are based on her own poems, and depict characters in human dramas and isolated emotional situations. Support the KickStarter here
End Game.
Flight of Fancy.
Copycat Dolls.
Eyes Shut.
Look Away.
Night Owl.
The Author.
The Hearts Shadow.
The Road Less Travelled.
Seeing Me.
Think Twice.
Til the Love Runs Out.
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