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October 2017 issue
Adventures in the Lea Valley
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by Polly Braden & David Campany
Before the arrival of the 2012 Olympic Games, the Lea Valley was East London's secret retreat. Polly Braden and David Campany documented its strange, gently surreal beauty, before it was transformed forever.
Inflatable Santa, New Year's Day, Upper Lea Valley, 2005.
Greyhound Racing, Summer 2005. The last race at Walthamstow Stadium took place in August 2007.
Jean in her café, Autumn, 2005.
Among the caravans of a travelling circus, Lower Lea Valley, 2006.
Mid-summer's day, upper Lea Valley, 2006.
One of those in-between places that are so essential for growing up, Autumn 2006.
Saturday Morning, Stamford Hill, Spring 2006.
Sunday bikers on the site now occupied by the Olympic Stadium, Summer 2005.
Stretch Limo on a Sunday Morning, September 2005.
Park Champions Christine Daniels and Jane Huntley pose in front of the repainted iron bridge at the foot of the main stadium.
Night swans, Lower Lea Valley, 2005.
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