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November 2018 back issue
Lost in Shinjuku
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film maker
by Tadashi Onishi
Tokyo, a city through which more than 3.4 million people pass everyday. Shinjuku, a special ward in Tokyo,  is a major commercial and administrative centre, housing the northern half of the busiest railway station in the world and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, the administration centre for the government of Tokyo. To me, Shinjuku is a place to switch between personal and work life. I shoot this city every day as part of my life. This project focuses on the emptiness that Tokyo's life brings, or what is born when the fluctuation of my feelings mixes with the smell of city life. And this was shot as a human record living in modern Tokyo. Order the book here
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