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October 2020 back issue
The Castle
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine. Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film maker
For the last 20 years James Hill has been photographing life at his wife’s ancestral home in France, the Chateau de Maillebois. Surrounded by a walled park, the property is an island of the past caught in the present. The images, both tender and whimsical, explore the plethora of emotions that come from living in a house bearing so much history and how the family and the local community interact with it. The photographer watches his family in their role as temporary custodians of the castle, attempting to maintain its traditions and carry them into an uncertain future. “The incessant flurries of rain and wind, which have for centuries swept in from the Atlantic across Normandy, have barely marked the castle’stowers,leaving instead a peculiar patina, equally rough and smooth to the touch, its pitted surface beneath my fingers a humbling reminder of how long this resilient building has stood here. Patterned blocks of flint stand proudly in the façade like pieces of armour. Even the low wallsin front of the house,tracing the massive outline ofthe castle that existed before angry crowds of the French Revolution destroyed what stood above, wear the dignity of old scars.” James Hill
by James Hill
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