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Sept 2016 back issue
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by Langdon Clay
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This series was started on a lark in 1974. I was trying to impress my girlfriend by making a Hawaiian Lei out of mini slide viewers with colorful little celluloid jewels in them. Nowadays that might sound a bit quaint but the impulse to do it was probably not too different than wanting to wow somebody on snapchat today. Might be apples and oranges. Might not. That's the way it started but not the way it finished.  I had just switched from B&W to color. Night color. After two years of wandering around lower Manhattan and Hoboken, NJ a few nights a week with a Leica loaded with Kodachrome and a giant tripod meant for an 8x10 view camera, which doubled as a mugger masher, I ended with about 130 jigsaw puzzle pieces offering clues and snippets from the urban environment of New York in the 1970s. These images were shown in 1978 at the Victoria&Albert Museum and reproduced in the French Zoom magazine (December 1976) and the American ROLLING
STONE but since then have mostly remained dormant. Now thanks to Gerhard Steidl and the benefits of nostalgia they will ride again. From the forthcoming book by Steidl
161 car.
253 car car.
A&P car.
Bar car.
Big wheel car.
Cell block Nova.
Checker 24.
Colonial Nova.
Fotomat car.
King’s Inn car.
Mercedes flowers car.
Overhang Pinto.
Silver fish.
Stucco lancer.
Stylecrest truck.
Wet stretch limo.
Pioneer flag car.
59th street bridge caddy.
American Hotel car.
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