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Sept 2016 back issue
Tales of Loneliness and Abandonment Documentary Photographs of Broken Dreams, Lost Hope and Desolation
by Dale O’Dell
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How bad is it when the best option is to walk away?  How difficult has life become when the only choice is to abandon one’s home or close the business and just leave?  America is littered with the remnants of once-thriving businesses and vacant houses that were once homes.  There are entire towns, boarded-up and forlorn.  We don’t pay much attention to these buildings; we drive by them like ghosts, vaporous reminders of dreams unfulfilled. In the land of The American Dream we don’t want to know about failures.  We’re taught that anyone can ‘make it’ by honest hard work and those who fail, well, there’s something wrong with them.  But we don’t know their stories, all we see when we drive by abandoned buildings is a shell, a leftover husk of what once was, or might have been.
All Mart Nothing, Arizona.
Abandoned Gas Station, Route 66, California.
Bikes ATVs, Near Douglas, Arizona.
Boarded up home, near 29 Palms, California.
Boarded up townhouse, Wyoming.
Derelict building, somewhere in Colorado.
Graffiti covered building, Bombay Beach, California.
Gutted building and graffiti, California.
Hi Way Cafe, New Mexico.
Lobo Texas, West Texas.
Abandoned Farm House, South Dakota.
Nude Dancers, Nevada.
Overgrown House, somewhere in Nebraska.
Overgrown Quonset Hut, Wyoming.
Restaurant for sale, Montana.
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