The magazine of the photo-essay
September 2018 issue
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film maker
by Lois Greenfield
Moving Still
I am interested in the spontaneous act of creating images without forethought. My starting point is in the form of a question - “What if…”. If I knew what the finished picture would look like I wouldn’t bother to shoot it, as my interest in this process is to get beyond my imagination, not document an already formulated idea.    I am on a quest for a perfect moment- in which the conjunction of  the dancer’s movement, expression and gesture becomes part of in an enigmatic scenario, often involving reflective surfaces, fabrics and assorted elements that we throw into the set. The point is never to have the viewer figure out what is going on in the photo, but just to present the mystery of that instant. The moments I look for are the opposite of performed dance. I look to capture the dancer’s dream, hiding in a split second.    All my pictures are taken as single image, in-camera photographs. I never recombine or rearrange the figures within my images. Their veracity as documents gives the photographs their mystery, as well as the fact
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that the split seconds that I capture are beneath the threshold of human perception. My photographs are meant to frame contradictions, present the impossible, and find a coherence within chaos.  
Tatiana Brikulskaya and Alexandra Apjarova, 2000
Tomoko Muneto and Rachel Sattler/ Saba Dance Theater "Symbiosis," 2005.
Maureen Fleming, "The Immortal Rose," 2007.
Paul Zivkovich and Craig Bary, 2007.
Dario Vaccaro, 2007.
Fang-Yi Sheu, 2008.
Andrew Claus, Eileen Jaworowicz, Aileen Roehl, 2008.
Natasha Czarniewy, 2008.
Sara and Anna.
Wu-Kang Chen / BALLET TECH, "Dust", choreography by Eliot Feld, 2009.
Joan Wadopian, Jessica Harris, Hunter Carter and Brooke Broussard/ Shen Wei Dance Arts, ‘Re-Triptych’, 2009.
Ha-Chi Yu and Alexandra Karigan Farrior, 2011.
Jordan Isadore, 2013.
Jye-Hwei Lin, 2013.