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September 2018 issue
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film maker
Damian Bird To commission him or to request prints of his work: Damian Bird (born London, 1972)  is a photographer, photojournalist and lecturer with many years of experience, working in war zones and trouble spots around the globe.  He was educated in Photography at the Surrey College of Art and Design and at the London College of Communication where he studied for a post graduate degree in Photojournalism.  In 2011 he founded Life Force magazine with his business partner and wife of 15 years, Alice.  As well as Editing Life Force magazine, he is currently engaged in photographing a series of photo-essays on English culture and has recently returned to Afghanistan. His first book Seabird was released in November 2017. He continues to have his work
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published in national and international newspapers and magazines  including The Times, the Telegraph, the Express, the Observer, GQ, Esquire, Daily Mail, Dazed & Confused,The Face, Country Life, Coast and Geographical magazine. He lives in Devon, England with his wife, four children and his dachshund, Jessie.
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David James Born in Birmingham, England, David James moved to a village in Hertfordshire, north of London, aged 4. An MGM film crew were shooting outside the village school and David (age 9) knew at that moment that he wanted to be a photographer in the film industry.  At age 16 he joined the Stills Department at MGM Studios (UK) working in the lab as an assistant to many different photographers. The head portrait photographer, Dave Boulton, became his mentor and arranged for David to go out to Israel/Cyprus as a printer on Preminger directed Exodus. This lead to other jobs and once again it was his mentor, Dave Boulton ,who gave him his break into shooting stills by getting him his first set job, on a Ken Annakin comedy. More films followed quickly including Bunny Lake Is Missing, reuniting David with director Otto Preminger….of whom he was initially terrified; the unit publicist sent the first set of David's stills to Preminger and the director  promptly tore them up. A friend of Preminger's on the set persuaded David to resubmit the same photos in a much
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Lindsay Keats To commission him or to request prints of his work: Lindsay Keats was Born in Wellington, New Zealand in 1964, From the moment he got to use his mothers Agfa Silette camera he knew he was going to be a photographer. He opened his studio in 1990 after learning the craft from assisting established commercial photographers both in New Zealand and in London and has been shooting a wide range of commercial assignments since.   Lindsay has always shot personal projects on his travels and is working on several on go-ing  projects in India, which is his favourite country to shoot in. He also wants to go to Afghanistan, Pakistan & Iran.
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David Freund To commission him or to request prints of his work: Freund earned his MFA from the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY.  Currently he is Professor Emeritus of Photography at Ramapo College of New Jersey, where he chaired its Visual Arts for twenty years. He also taught at Pratt Institute and was a Day-ton-Hudson Distinguished Visiting Professor at Carleton College, Minnesota. For an NEA grant Freund explored the culture, landscape and architecture of gas sta-tions nationwide.  This was published in a four-volume set as Gas Stop by Steidl Verlag in 2016. A similar nationwide project looking at playgrounds, will be published later in 2018, also by Steidl, as Playground Once. Other grants produced architectural projects for the New York Creative Arts Public
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David Lurie To commission him or to request prints of his work: Born 1951, David Lurie lives and works in Cape Town. He studied economics, politics and philosophy, taught philosophy, did research in international political economy (at The London School of Economics) and worked as a consultant economist before turning to photography. He lived for many years in London where he began doing documentary projects part-time in 1990 and full-time in 1995, following the publication of his first book, Life in the Liberated Zone, in 1995. Lurie moved back to Cape Town permanently in 2011. Lurie’s work has been widely published and exhibited in the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, Australia, South Africa and the Middle East. He is the recipient of several awards including Pictures of the Year International, the World Understanding Award for Cape Town Fringe: Manenberg Avenue is where it’s
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Krzysztof Pierzgalski To commission him or to request prints of his work: Krzysztof Perzgalski is a biologist and is impassioned by travel and photography. As an active nature conservation worker in Poland he helps many unique and threatened species of flora and fauna to survive. He`s a documentary photographer; interested in man in relationship with the environment and nature. In his photo- essays shows small communities living in close contact with nature, cultivating old traditions. He has photographed the remotest regions of the globe, including: the Mongolian Nomads, the Evenks in eastern Siberia (the Zabaykalsky Krai), Andean highlanders in Ecuador, the Semangs in Malaysia, the Hutsuls in Ukraine, landscapes of the Kamchatka Peninsula. He has made three picture stories about nature for National Geographic Poland. Also published in other titles of social, geography and natural sciences and photography. His images have won awards in
larger format, leading the director to put his arm around David and tell him, "these stills will be noticed….it is all about showmanship."  Since that moment David has chosen a limited collection of his personal stills  "Selects" on every project and always presents them in large format prints to the filmmakers. David went on to cover movies such as Women In Love, Fiddler on the Roof, his first war movie was as aerial stills photographer on Battle of Britain.The genres of Musicals and War are his favourites and also have resulted in some of his most well-known work including Dogs of War, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler's List, and the TV mini-series Band of Brothers and The Pacific. Saving Private Ryan was an opportunity for David to honour the work of his "hero", Robert Capa and to virtually become a war photographer..without risking his life. The latter 4 films form part of his 10 collaborations with Steven Spielberg that began with Schindler's List and continues later this year with Spielberg's next project Lincoln. Musicals include Jesus Christ Superstar, Chicago, Shall We Dance, Hairspray and Nine, Dreamgirls in which he had his one and only credited acting roleas a photographer in Rock of Ages teaming him up again with Tom Cruise. Most of the films that David worked on in the UK were American productions, and when the British industry contracted and diminished in the 1980s, he decided to relocate with his wife and 2 daughters, to Southern California.  Before leaving the UK David had an assignment for Special Photography on Ridley Scotts Legend, his first opportunity to work with Tom Cruise. Since moving Stateside, David has worked with Tom on 6 films including  MI- Ghost Protocol. Moving to USA also coincided with huge changes in still photography and he enthusiastically embraced the challenges of digital photography while continuing to study the ever evolving and exciting world of movie stills. David has covered many TV mini-series and TV movies, also for the past 2 years has had the privilege of shooting the Academy Awards behind the scenes, with exclusive access to the green room. There are more than a dozen books that feature David's stills photography starting with Jesus Christ Superstar, including Memoirs of a Geisha, Last Samurai, Superman Returns and the most recent- also the one of which he is most proud - the book that he both wrote and photographed for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. David's work has featured in several international exhibitions and he has won many awards and accolades, including the 2006 ICG/Publicists Guild Award for Excellence in Still Photography and the SOC Lifetime Achievement Award. His stills have been published in magazines and newspapers around the globe and are included in the archives of the Academy's Margaret Herrick Library, and the Professional Photographers of America.  A source of great pride is that both his daughters have followed him and pursued careers in the film industry. (Deya is a senior publicist at Warner Bros, Chia works for the SVP of Physical Production at Paramount) both have worked with and on projects involving their father as the stills photographer.David's other enduring passion, apart from his family and photography, is fly-fishing; perhaps 2012 will bring the trifecta of a fishing trip with his family and his beloved Leica camera.
Tania Chatterjee To commission her or to request prints of her work: Tania Chatterjee is a photo artist from city of joy, Kolkata, India. She has practiced photography for the last 7 years winning many awards and accolades. Presently she is the President of a photography club named FOTORBIT INDIA ( and Co-Founder and Mentor of a photography organization named FOTORBIT ( Her niche subjects of photography are people, culture, street and documentary. Her work has been exhibited in almost all major cities in India and nearly 30 counties (France, Italy, UK, USA, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Argentina, Greece, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Iran, Singapore, Cyprus, UAE, Russia, Hungary, Prague, Switzerland etc.). She has won almost 200 awards in different national and international photography salons. Her photographs have been published by several
national and international agencies. Winner of “Being a Girl” Travelling Photo Contest, 2016 supported by Govt. of India Initiative “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”, UNFPA India, UN Women India, National Foundation for India and many more. Recently she has won West Bengal Government Information and Cultural Department’s State Level Photography award (2016-17) and nomination award from prestigious The Humanity Photo Awards, 2017( HPA) supported by UNESCO. She has been appointed as jury member in different national and international photography contests. For her photographic achievements, she has bagged distinctions like EFIP (Excellence FIP) from Federation of Indian Photography and EFIAP (Excellence FIAP) from Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique (France) Recognized by UNSECO.  
He believes in giving back to the community & does pro-bono work for a rescue helicopter charity and occasionally goes on rescue jobs with them. Lindsay lives in Wellington with his wife Asmaa who is from Morocco, They have a daugh-ter Yasmeen & Lindsay has 2 teenage sons Jake and Ben. Instagram
Service program and NYC’s Institute for Art and Urban Resources. Exhibitions include Light Gallery in New York and George Eastman House in Rochester.  Among collections with his work are the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Wash-ington, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and the Bibliotheque Nationale.
Tria Giovan To commission her or to request prints of her work: Over her 30-year career, Tria Giovan’s work has been defined by diverse, in-depth, and timely subject exploration ranging from projects on New York’s Lower East Side, Cuba, her family and their ancestral Rhode Island home, Long Island’s coastal landscape, and her own Sag Harbor back yard. Whether capturing a tree canopy, variants of tide, wind, sand, and sky, the subtleties of a country, or the haunting permutations of empty rooms and random emblematic objects, she does so with a refinement that grounds viewers in the recorded moment. Her direct approach and discerning discipline reveal the layered complexities of her subjects while preserving their immediacy. In 1990 she began a project that comprised twelve month-long trips to Cuba over a six-year period. Cuba The Elusive Island (Harry N. Abrams, 1996) brought together
100 images and a selection of writings by some of Cuba’s most important writers. The Museum of Modern Art acquired several photographs.  In 2016 she completed a definitive digital archive of 450 images from the over 25,000 taken during that period. In fall 2017, Damiani published The Cuba Archive, a 168-page monograph featuring 120 images. Photographs from The Cuba Archive were featured in CUBA IS, organized by the Annenberg Space for Photography (September 9, 2017 - February 25, 2018) as part of The Getty’s Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, an exploration of Latin American and Latino art in dialogue with Los Angeles. She was a lecturer in the Annenberg’s IRIS Lecture series and featured in the 2017 documentary Cuba Is: Photographers Working in Cuba. In 2011 Damiani published Sand Sea Sky: The Beaches of Sagaponack. The 63 images selected from a 10,000-image project reveal the complex visual embodiment of the artist’s decade-long meditations on nature’s transient fragility and radiance. Carl Safina, Blue Ocean Institute president, scientist, and author contributes the essay. The book won 2012 International Photography Book Award. Giovan grew up in the Virgin Islands and has lived in New York City for over 30 years.  Her work has been published in Aperture, Esquire, Harpers, Geo, Travel & Leisure, Smithsonian, and Vogue, among many others. Her photographs have been exhibited in New York City, Athens, Greece, Washington, DC, and Havana, Cuba, and are in the permanent collections of The Museum of Modern Art, The Brooklyn Museum, The Parrish Art Museum, The Jewish Museum, the University of Massachusetts, and The NY Public Library, among others.
Happening; Nikon (UK); Ilford Pro Photo (SA); and Arts Council of Great Britain Grant Awards.
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competitions and he is the author of several exhibitions of travel and ethnic groups.  For the last seven years he has taught photography.
Lois Greenfield To commission her or to request prints of her work: Lois Greenfield is from that seminal generation of female photographers of the 70’s who made their mark on the field of photography by creating a radically new vision. She began her career as a photojournalist, but was drawn to the graphic potential of dance. Her unique approach to photographing the human form in motion has redefined the genre and influenced a generation of photographers.    Working as a journalist for The Village Voice she decided not to follow the conventions of traditional dance photography, and instead created a hybrid - capturing  split second moments that can only be seen as a photograph. Her experimentation resulted in the iconic, gravity-defying black and white images from her acclaimed Breaking Bounds and Airborne books, published  in the 90’s by Thames & Hudson, Ltd,UK, that remain classics to this day.    Her latest book, Lois Greenfield: Moving Still, from
the same publishers, was released in 2015, and the accompanying exhibit has been on tour within the US and to Russia, China, and Colombia.   Commercial clients have picked up on the metaphorical potential of her vision. She has created ads and campaigns for clients including Disney, Orangina, Proctor & Gamble, Pepsi, AT&T, Sony, Hanes, Raymond Weil, and Rolex.   Since her first show at New York City’s International Center of Photography in 1992, her work has been exhibited in many museums and galleries, such as the Tel Aviv Art Museum, Israel; the Venice Biennale, Italy; the Musée de l’Elysée, Switzerland; the Erarta Contemporary Art Museum, Russia; and the Southeast Museum of Photography, Florida.   Lois pioneered the use of live photography as an integral part of a dance performance. She collaborated from 2003 to 2007 with the Australian Dance Theatre on HELD, a dance inspired by her photography. Lois was onstage shooting the live action and her images were projected real-time as part of the performance. This award-winning dance was performed to sold-out audiences around the world, from the Sydney Opera House to Sadler’s Wells in London, the Joyce Theater in NYC to Theatre de la Ville, Paris.   Lois offers dance photography workshops at her studio in New York, as well as abroad, in Europe and Asia.   In 2015, she was honored with the Dance in Focus award given by the Film Society of Lincoln Center and the Dance Films Association, and in 2016 she received a lifetime achievement award from The McCallum Theatre Institute in recognition of her ground- breaking contributions to the field.
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Piyush Nagpal To commission him or to request prints of his work:   email I am a freelance journalist based in Delhi studying Journalism from AJK MCRC Jamia Millia Islamia. I aim to report stories from unusual perspectives making use of the visual media. Past: Intern at The Indian Express
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