Circus! . . Circus! by Damian Bird
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All of our advertising is certified by Google and therefore may be viewed safely. Behind the scenes at the Electric Circus. The giant doll was supposed to be a Russian sex worker plying her trade at the Moscow State Circus. The circus was animal free but there were other non-human elements to be afraid of! The Chinese State circus is made up of highly athletic and super fit performers. They work as a team both infront of the crowd and whilst limberring up, stretching and preparing to perform. Costumes are laid on top of super fit bodies and the show begins. This performer from the Russian State Circus had turned his body into a machine and when you saw the nature of his act it seemed like to only solution to the almost inhumanly difficult feats involved. The monocycle was very strong and had been hand made by special order for the show. The moment before man becomes dragon.  The dragon watched the show through a gap in the curtain whilst her handlers rested. The Russian clown is helping his wife into the costume of a sex worker, before she is sent out into the audience to ply her mock trade. Stretching before facing two hours of muscle burning endurance tests before a lively audience. Russian Clowns removing the head of one of their collegues. The head was replaced and the show went on. Love behind the scenes at The Moscow State Circus. With the nomadic life on the road with the circus, many relation-ships travel and develop from town to town. The striking costume on the striking physique of a performer in the Moscow State Circus as she retires backstage to relax following her performance. The clown and his friend the strong man in preparation for an evening show at the Moscow State Circus. I was intrigued to see lives lived in character, with theatrical identities spilling from the ring into reality and back again. In private this clown at the Electric circus was miserable, but he seemed to enjoy himself in character during the shows, even when the members of the audience he grabbed were perhaps not altogether keen on such close physical contact! Old fashioned entertainment at the Electric Circus. Action, action, action at the Moscow State Citcus. The Russian doll center stage was inflatable and rather sinister. The strong man at the Moscow State Circus explained to me that his body is beginning to crack up after many years of juggling very heavy weights (see photograph below) and that he spends much of his life in the type of agony that you can see written all over his face in this shot; taken just after an hour of performing with a smile on his face. A young Russian clown on the left and a fifty-eight year old high wire walker on the right. The high wire walker once fell from a wire at a height of nearly fourty foot and broke his back. His life since the accident has been full of pain but he would rather die than give up performing in the circus. He can be seen here limbering up and loosening his spine before an evening performance at the Moscow State Circus.