David Eustace . Portraits by David Eustace STEPHEN FRY (Photographed in London 2010) was always someone I felt I knew, even though I had never met him. From seeing him on screen to reading some of his articles I felt there was an honesty and vulnerability about him that was so very admirable and strong. I was contacted by an old friend John Hamilton at Penguin books about me possibly coming over from NYC to photograph Stephen for his new autobiography, but much would depend on making the budget work....I told him there and then...the budget will work. I have been very fortunate in my career to meet many interesting and fascinating people Stephen Fry is one of those people. SOPHIA LOREN photographed for US In Style Magazine at her home in Geneva (2001) Like many of those who can comfortably be described as a legend she was an absolute star in the nicest possible way. She was genuine, friendly and considerate and professional. A few weeks after the magazine was published she took the time from filming in Canada to phone my home in Scotland simply to say thank you. A wonderful lady with a great sense of humour. JACK BLACK photographed in NYC 2002. This was shot for the movie poster School of Rock (© Paramount Pictures). The reason I've included it  was the memory and madness that led up to it. I had flown over to London to finish an edit for a TV commercial I'd just directed. As it was getting near the weekend and I had nothing scheduled back in NYC I decided to fly to Glasgow for the long weekend. I got off the flight late that night and when I put my phone on their was a message from my agent saying I had to be in the studio the following morning in NYC...Too long a story of the madness that followed but I do remember BA telling me all morning flights from Glasgow to London were full until I mentioned I had to catch Concorde and a seat miraculously became available. As for Jack Black and all the kids involved with the shoot..........Great fun and loved the energy they all had. JOHN HURT Photographed in 1999. Only good things from John Hurt his face and character says everything else. ALBERT WATSON: This is one of my earlier portraits. It was shot around 1992, in Glasgow . I had been a fan of Alberts work (still am) and managed the previous year whilst still at Edinburgh Napier University where I was doing my BA in photography to get  a weeks assisting work with him. A few years later Elizabeth (his wife and agent) became my agent. Both Albert and Liz were hugely influential when I decided to set up in NYC and for that reason I will be eternally grateful. One of the many things I think of (and admire)when I look at this portrait of Albert  is how after all these many years his passion and excitement for the medium is still as strong as it ever was. SIR PAUL McCARTNEY, There's not much one can say. I have been fortunate enough to work with Paul on quite a few occasions and have loved every minute of it. Good guy with a big heart. MILTON GLASER: Milton kindly agreed to let me take his photograph for a personal project I've been working on. Organised by a friend, the designer Katja Mass. He was very aware of the camera and knew exactly what I was looking for and at one point it almost felt he was taking my portrait.  He simply sat there quietly watching and in around about way I thought of him as the wise old headmaster. That morning was an absolute pleasure. Photographed 2007 JOHN BYRNE: I have photographed John on many occasions and could genuinely work with this guy on a weekly basis. I'm not sure if it is because Im a huge fan of his work or the creativity he offers and encourages, but there is something I find so very inspiring when in John's company.  This image was made in 2010 and was for a series of images I made to celebrate the work of fashion designer Deryck Walker. I had approached John to see if this was a project he would consider and right away he was contributing. JAMES EARL JONES photographed at Florents, Gansevoort Street in NYC in 2007. This shot holds many memories  for me. The man and his strength of character, the physical location was a favourite cafe I enjoyed, the neighbourhood (Meatpacking) was a very different neighbourhood then. ROBBIE COLTRANE I photographed for my first GQ Cover in 1993. I had photographed him before when I was a student but this was one of my first major editorial commissions. The magazines editor at the time was Michael VerMeulen and this shot typifies what he encouraged me and other photographers to do. He once said to me : The front cover (GQ) sells the magazine the images inside sell you. He and the freedom he encouraged in ones work alongside his staff at this time were still to this day some of the most inspirational people I have ever worked with.
All of our advertising is certified by Google and therefore may be viewed safely. EVE ARNOLD. Photographed in London 1997 for British Vogue.  The simplicity of this image is only overshadowed by the quiet strength that Eve eludes. I was making a series of 12 woman for Vogue and this image above all sticks in my memory. This image highlights my love for what the medium has given me. The opportunity and reason to meet some truly inspiring and incredible people. People who have  lived lives and who through their work have left memories that inspire the masses. Eve Arnold with her work has asked many questions of mankind. Still one of my favourite memories. JAMES EUSTACE My father. This was the only portrait I ever made of him and was taken not long before his death. He taught me everything.
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