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Jan/Feb 2022 issue
London Explored
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London is packed with little-known treasures: remarkably preserved historical houses, fascinating museums and galleries, unusual commercial and industrial buildings and sumptuous interiors that are glimpsed only on special occasions. From the lavish eighteenth-century private members' clubs of Westminster and the grand magnificence of the Admiralty Arch, through the city's wide array of cultural and historical museums, to a look inside the lesser known sights like Tower Bridge lifeboate station or Clapham's enormous abandonded underground bomb shelter, this beautiful compendium delves into the history and heritage of these places, offering a fascinating picture of one of the world's great cities as it was and as it is today.
by Peter Dazeley
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Ace Cafe Reunion Weekend September 2019 ©Peter Dazeley
Ace Cafe Reunion Weekend September 2019 ©Peter Dazeley
Entrance Hall in The Old Lloyds Bank ©Peter Dazeley
Gods Own Junk Yard ©Peter Dazeley
Interior of Lloyds ©Peter Dazeley
Pedway at London Wall ©Peter Dazeley
Raqib Shaw, The Salon, at the Sausage Factory ©Peter Dazeley
Sipsmith Distillery's Copper Pot Stills, named Prudence and Constance ©Peter Dazeley
The Long Room Purdey and Sons Ltd ©Peter Dazeley
The Morning Room 18 Stafford Terrace ©Peter Dazeley