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November 2020 issue
American Fair
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by Pamela Littky
The essence of the American Fair has not changed much over the past century. As the social and cultural fabric of the United States has evolved considerably, the fairs continue to draw attendance from across wide swaths of the heartland, providing a place for far-flung citizens of a particular county or state to maintain community and celebrate elements of their culture that recall some of the most nostalgic ideals of America. Pamela Littky travelled thousands of miles across the country capturing the sights of these important seasonal markers for so many communities.Idyllic portraits offarmers and rope-andride spectators accompany portraits and tableaux that evoke undertones of apprehension and uncertainty;elderly faces that have seen many seasons of the fair and the youth who project determination or innocence underneath adolescent postures.
The result is a breathtaking collection of photographs where wistful reflections on the past meet the challenging realities of American life in the 21st Century.
Cimarron, Kansas
Springfield, Illinois
Gordon, Nebraska
Bladen, Nebraska
Calhan, Colorado
Gordon, Nebraska
Sedalia, Missouri
Indianapolis, Indiana
Cimarron, Kansas
Selma, Alabama
Miami, Florida
Sarasota, Florida
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