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Mar/Apr 2022 issue
“Your feature of my book WILLIAM ALBERT ALLARD: Five Decades has gotten a lot of responses already. You did a lovely job displaying my work and I'm much appreciative of being included in such a lovely collection of photographic talent. Please keep up the wonderful work.” William Albert Allard, National Geographic Photographer “I am loving what you are doing! Life Force is powerful.” Ami Vitale, National Geographic Photographer “I have looked at the current and back issues of Life Force and I salute you, for your work and for the magazine. The quality level of the work and the site's simplicity and user friendliness will, I believe, enhance the future value of this outstanding archive of contemporary photography.” Medford Taylor, National Geographic Photographer “It’s very nice to hear from you and I’d be delighted if you will run 15 of my photographs in Life Force Magazine. I’ve looked at the magazine carefully and I’m very impressed... I think the Picture Post team would have sold their souls to see images this well presented.” Patrick Ward “Love the uniqueness of so many of the photo essays.” Beverly Joubert “Thank you again for a great opportunity!” Catherine Karnow “Thanks Damian, the whole issue looks wonderful!!” Michal Fattal “Brilliant! Thanks for letting me be a part of this!” Ian McNaught Davis “It looks absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much!” Janhavi Welinkar “Thanks for this, it looks great, as always. Keep up the great work.” Alex Telfer “I really hope all is well with you and thanks for featuring me in your magazine. It was nice to contribute.” All the best. Sam Branson, owner of Sundog Pictures “Congratulations on a very impressive August LFM magazine - keep up the good work!” Jurgen and Claudia Schadeberg “You have created a wonderful platform to share the life force of our planet. Your magazine is very impressive thank you for including my work and story on the Big Cats who need our help right now. Much appreciated.” Beverly Joubert, National Geographic Photographer “Thank you so very much for your help, enthusiasm, input, and support. I am deeply appreciative!” Catherine Karnow, National Geographic Photographer “It is my honor to be associated with Life Force Magazine and see my photos on the website. I have so much respect for LFM especially for the quality of photo journalistic work it shares.” Siddharth Setia “Excellent line up of extremely important stories, Love the experience and the journey they took me on.” Beverly Joubert, National Geographic Photographer “I would be honored to be featured in Life Force. Ami Vitale told me about the magazine, as did Catherine Karnow. You are doing a great job following a grand tradition.” Robert Holmes, National Geographic Photographer “Hello Everyone! Sorry to have been kind of invisible lately, but I'm back now with a new photo essay just published in LIFE FORCE MAGAZINE, called POSTCARDS FROM THE SOUTHERN EDGE! Thanks for taking a look, and many thanks to Damian Bird, the talented, tireless and patient editor of LIFE FORCE! Damian and his wife Alice publish some of the best photo essays being done in the world today!” Raymond Gehman, National Geographic Photographer “I must say you did a wonderful job with my images and story. Thank you very much. I will post on Facebook, and also use this in my next email blast to my large email group. I am glad that folks will have a chance to see just how handsome and interesting Lifeforce is as a magazine. So it is, as they say, a win-win. Thank you so much again, Damian. It is a pleasure to work with you.” Catherine Karnow, National Geographic Photographer “Thank you so much Damian!!! It looks amazing and I really appreciate everything you have done. What a fantastic magazine, thank you. Faith Model, sister of National Geographic Photographer Bobby Model “You are amazing Damian! I'm so impressed with what you have created with Life Force! And thrilled to be a part of it.” Ami Vitale, National Geographic Photographer “Immense work, that you do to promote doc photography! Its an enormous archive, that you build for the future! I’m really glad to be part of it!” Tomek Gola “Damian you are still doing fabulous work putting fine images out there.” Lynn Johnson, National Geographic Photographer “You are a true mensch! Combined with the best of the British.” Catherine Karnow, National Geographic Photographer “Damian is the editor and force (excuse the pun) behind the online photography magazine LIFE FORCE and whilst we've never met I often see the stories he publishes and it brings a breath of fresh air and offers beautiful content and comment and within the frame.” David Eustace “I think what you are doing is very beneficial to the photography community.” Andrew Gehman “I would be proud and thrilled to have my work published in Life Force.” Raymond Gehman, National Geographic Photographer “You have my congratulations for presenting such a visually stunning magazine.Aside from presenting a visual feast for your readers, your magazine is providing a wonderful service for photographers.” Johan Reinhard Ph.D, Explorer in Residence, National Geographic “A handsome, important venue for photography.” Kevin Schafer, National Geographic Photographer “I wish you the very best of luck.” Jeff Bridges, Actor & Photographer “Bravo! I love the simple design of the process - you allow the images to tell the story with thoughtful support of the language.” Lynn Johnson, National Geographic Photographer “I must have been living in a cave to have missed your spectacular magazine. I looked through the current issue and some of the earlier ones and was impressed. You have built a modern version of LIFE Magazine, probably even a better one. I would be very honored if you would like to use some of my work.” Gordon Wiltsie, National Geographic Photographer “I love what you are doing I'd also be honored to be a contributor.” Ralph Lee Hopkins, National Geographic Photographer “Fantastic new free online "photo-essay" magazine just launched.” Stephen Fry, Actor, Writer, Broadcaster and Comedian “My greetings with this important anniversary of your beautiful magazine! Besides thank you very much for your attention to my country and your interest to Russian photography and photographers.” Sergey Maximishin “Congrats on Life Force - great to see your new view of the photographic world. Sure loved seeing Jeff's [Bridges] images - grew up watching his Dad's show Sea Hunt.” Steve Winter National Geographic Photographer "I would love to be a part of Life Force magazine." RANKIN "Dear Damian, thank you I like how you do things. It is a great Magazine." RAX “I really appreciate what you are doing to celebrate photography and create awareness about important issues. I am happy to publish my project in Life Force magazine.” Matteo Bastianelli, Getty Images “I am truly flattered and would love to participate.” Larry Racioppo “Thanks for having used the feature on my work. I think you are all doing a great job in addressing photography as such an important part of our lives.” Jay Dickman, National Geographic Photographer “Your magazine looks interesting.” Bruce Dale, National Geographic photographer “I love the 'Private Ryan' spread, what an honor to be in the same magazine as the likes of my old friend Terry O'Neil. Thank you for starting something great and the rebirth of a great outlet for photojournalism.” David James “I’m living for these photos. I love your site and any chance I can get to be introduced to great artists and beautiful images, I'm there!” Santino Rice, fashion designer and US TV personality “A really interesting magazine and a wonderful revival of the Picture Post format.” Prue Richardson, The Culture Show BBC2 “Congratulations on the magazine!” The studio of Steve McCurry MAGNUM photographer I’m so pleased about the magazine.” Erin Pizzey, Founder of the charity SHELTER and best-selling novelist “A free really high quality photo-essay magazine. Fabulous.” Stephen Fry “Thank you for what you did in your magazine, it's very good!” Olivier Laban-Mattei World Press Photo 1st prize winner “Its a fabulous website and has stunning pictures. Good luck!” Barney Jones, Editor, BBC’s Andrew Marr Show “Looks great, thank you for the piece. Its a great collection you chose. Thanks so much forhighlighting Mark’s [Hogancamp] work!” Jeff Malmberg, Director of the film Marwencol “May issue looks great. I'm always amazed with so many great works and talented photographers.” Hiroko Masuike “The quality of the photography is superb.” Michael Burrell, Actor & Playwright “The magazine looks terrific!” David Soul, Actor & Musician (Starsky & Hutch) “I always like your magazine, you never fail.I’m in Greenland and the mosquitoes are eating me up.” RAX “You made my day. I can’t stop smiling. Thank you.” Darlyne Murawski “Wonderul publication! Happy to participate.” Stephen Crowley “I know Life Force magazine and have deep respect for the work you present there.” Espen Rasmussen “Thanks so very much for this beautiful photo essay coverage and space. I am quite proud. Do you know that this collection has never been published anywhere; you are the first! I shot most of these images on "personal" assignments. Thank you, Damian. I feel very proud.” Catherine Karnow, National Geographic photographer “Firstly let me congratulate you on fantastic publication. Absolutely superb. Secondly it would be a big honor to display my pictures with you, so the answer is an emphatic yes.” Paul Conroy, Sunday Times Photojournalist “Your online magazine is stunning and very educational about the world in so many ways.” Paul Chesley, National Geographic “I wish you great success with the magazine and I am honored to be apart of the future lineup!” Chris Rainier, National Geographic Society Fellow “Many thanks for featuring my pictures in your esteemed magazine. Your November issue looks great and love the works of the other photographers showcased in it. Thank you for creating a wonderful platform for photographers and quality photojournalistic work.” How Hwee Young “A wonderful magazine - congratulations. You have inspired me to get photographing again!!” David Suchet, Actor & Photographer “I would love to be part of this initiative.” Marco di Lauro, Photojourrnalist (Getty) “Fantastic magazine! It would be an honor to be published in Life Force Magazine.” Peter Pereira “Great job on the magazine..... it looks fantastic” Lana Slezic (Panos) “It’s an impressive collection of work by some great photographers.” Aubrey Wade (Panos) “The magazine is looking good and it is an great resource for all those interested in photography.” Graeme Williams (Panos) “Thanks so much Damian! It was a pleasure to work with you and have my Hong Kong photos published!” Catherine Karnow, National Geographic Photographer “Thank you so much for showcasing the work of so many photographers. I enjoy seeing the work of my colleagues as well my own.” Kevin Schafer, National Geographic Photographer “The honor is mine - I really appreciate what you are doing with LFM - and it would be great to meet in person down in Devon for a few ales... and a cream tea of course. Thank you so much for the opportunity to showcase this work - really appreciated.” Jason Florio “I have been telling everyone about my feature , I am so happy to become published with you.” Eleanor Bennett “I am excited to have these photographs in Life Force!” Catherine Karnow, National Geographic “I'd be pleased to have my work on Life Force.....Good work on the magazine.” Jim Richardson, National Geographic “Thank you so much Damian. Best wishes, Ami.” Ami Vitale, National Geographic “I can happily say we'd be honoured to send you some imagery......We have thousands of stills from 'Mary and Max' we can send.” Adam Elliot “I would be happy to work with you to feature work from Ripple Effect Images.” Annie Griffiths, National Geographic “Hey Damian, Sounds great - thanks for your interest in my work. Let me know what you need: specs for files, etc.” Amy Toensing, National Geographic “I would be delighted to be one of your contributing photographers.” William Albert Allard, National Geographic Photographer “I would be delighted to be a contributor to Life Force. It is a wonderful magazine.” Robert Herman “I'd be honoured to be published again in a future issue of LIFE FORCE - thank you so much!” Betina La Plante “Thanks Damian! I'm very pleased with what you have done with my work. Not only you did a great job presenting the work but I love the layout, design, etc. A very high quality magazine that I would recommend to my friends and colleagues.” Joseph-Philippe Bevillard “As always I love Life Force magazine, and thank you for showcasing elephants they need all our help right now.” Beverly Joubert “Thank you very much for featuring me and including me in your publication, and thank you, too for your enthusiasm and encouragement. It means a lot to me. I am enjoying your new issue. Some fantastic, inspiring essays there.” Kate Kirkwood “I would love to have my work published in your fine magazine.” Andrew White “I'm impressed by the pictures in your magazine and would be happy to participate.” John Bulmer “I just spent some time really looking through the site and to say I am humbled by you giving me this feature in your magazine is a huge understatement. Truly honoured to be included among such incredible talent - not least yours. Really enjoyed your photo essays, and 'traveling' through them.” Betina La Plante “Love the magazine, it's a breath of fresh air in the sea of online photography magazines.” Alison Baskerville “Awesome! Thanks for including me Damian. Its a great publication you've put together here.” Damien Schumann “It’s great to see this edition of Life Force including my work. The layout is fantastic. ” Katherine Jack “LIFE FORCE is a wonderful voice for photography void of gimmicks..…I love it.” David Eustace “Looks great! I loved the photos selection! I already shared on my Instagram and Facebook. Very happy to be there!” Janaina Matarazzo “I am very happy to see the photo story in Life Force magazine this issue, it looks great, thank you so much.” Billy H.C Kwok “I'm honored to be featured in Life Force magazine. Great issue! Thanks for this opportunity again.” Tatiana Vinogradova “Thank you very much for your incredible work, your magazine is precious. Glad to be on it.” Lorenzo Masi “Looks great - appreciate the support and opportunity very much!” Jacques Smit “Keep up the great work.” Damien Schumann “Thanks a million Damian, it's really great.” Martin Alan Smith “Thanks a feels great to be featured in your magazine. It does look nice.” Sugato Mukherjee “I’m really excited you are considering my work in life force magazine. I’ll be honored to be a part of [it].” Delphine Diallo “I want to EDIT myself the pictures for this portfolio as so many great photojournalists were exposed on this site.” Jean-Pierre Laffont “Congrats again on an awesome magazine!” Baker “Thank you, Thank you, Glorious! Your magazine is magnificent! Your Lay out is wonderful. I am so excited with what you did with my pictures! Thank you Alice! It is terrific! Thank you for giving my work that place, that space! Touché! You are the best!” Jean-Pierre Laffont “I am so excited and impressed! Many many thanks to You and your wife Alice for adding my work in your beautiful magazine. Its my honor to be associated with Life Force Magazine!” Irena Baker “Thank you so much for featuring my work. Can't wait to go through the whole magazine.” Samyukta Lakshmi “Great issue Damian. One of the best yet. Happy holidays to you and your lovely family.” said of the December 2014 issue of LFM by DAVID JAMES the stills photographer of Star Wars and The Mission Impossible series “I would be thrilled to contribute to Life Force.” Eros Hoagland “Thanks Damian for sharing Reguengo floods. Keep up the good work in Life Force Magazine.” Mario Cruz “Thank you very much for the email and putting my work in your magazine” Zohreh Soleimani Photographer/Filmmaker “Thank you, I had a look through the December issue, it's great! Glad my work is there and you linked it!” Annalisa Natali “I took a detailed look of the December issue of Life Force Magazine.I am really impressed by the quality of the essays, and I am so grateful to you for including my work among them.” Daniele Zeri “What a great article on the club the boys will love it congratulations on a great job thank you for bringing your talent to Repton.” Gary McCarthy, Repton Boxing Club “Thank you so much for featuring my series on Life Force Magazine. So many great names in this issue. I feel very honoured to be among them.” Jerome Lorieau “Thanks Damian, a great issue this month!” Lucy Davies, Commissioning Editor Telegraph. “Your magazine certainly is very interesting and well curated.” Tia Dunn - Jerry Schatzberg studio manager “It Looks Fantastic, as does the entire issue. Thanks so much for including Hard Knocks!” Shelley Calton “I would be delighted to have my photo-essay on The Great Bonfire of Toba included in the January edition of Life Force Magazine.” Thaddeus Pope “Really love what you are doing with Life Force.” Sean Hawkey “We'd be very interested in this.” Charles Hannah and Norman Seeff “Thank you for this opportunity to showcase this photo-essay on Life Force Magazine Happy to hear that you guys love the work. Keep up the good work with the magazine.” Joseph Rodriguez “Wow! This looks UH-mazing! Thank you so much. Ooh, I am so proud, thank you!I will show share and show this story. I cant wait to share with the people in the photos! I am very proud to have the cover, too, of this anniversary issue.” Catherine Karnow “GREAT! I love it. If you need more material for the next numbers, feel free to contact me, I´ll be happy to contribute to your magazine. Thanks! Keep doing it well.” Juan Teixeira “Thank you!! I do love it very, very much!!!! Glad to be part of it!!!!” Ulla Lohmann “I've been a fan of Life Force Magazine for quite some time now, and I would be honoured if you'd consider publishing my essay. Thanks for the inspiring work.” Ian McNaught Davis “Thank you for the opportunity. I like the way it looks as well......The essays are strong indeed...” Luis Mallo “Thanks! It looks great, absolutely. Happy to be feature along with a bunch of fine photographic works.” Sugato Mukherjee “Life Force is gorgeous! And Damian is so nice and generous.” Catherine Karnow “It's great talking to you and I'm extremely grateful to you and Catherine for this incredible opportunity. Life Force is a fantastic magazine and I'm so excited!” Janhavi Welinkar “I am really glad that I have been featured in Life Force magazine. Thanks again for your interest!” Klaus Pichler “The piece looks great, the editing and sequencing is really very strong, thank you so much! and thank you Damian for asking me to put this together. Editing for this gave me an opportunity to look at this material with a fresh eye. It’s always great when I find a strong photo that I had previously overlooked.” Robert Herman “Excellent work Damian. You must be the “go to” photo magazine!” Robert Young Pelton “That's AWESOME! You have made my year. This is truly exciting for me and a real little landmark. And what incredible photographers to be along side! I can't quite believe it! I can't tell you how happy I am about this :)” Rachel Molina “Fantastic !! Truly amazing issue !!” Tomer Ifrah “A really big thank you for including my pictures in such a fine issue of Life Force Magazine. Even Life or Look, at their peak, never offered so many treats in one issue!” Patrick Ward “Thank you so much Damian!!! :D :D :D Many congratulations!! I love it!!!! :)” Roberto Pazzi “Thats great I just saw it, very pleased, thank you.” Chris Dorley-Brown “Very good Damian. Congratulations.” David James “That sounds awesome man! And it’s my pleasure to have my work published on your magazine!” Esa Ylijaasko “Your magazine looks great... I love your approach, and the work you are showcasing..” Araminta De Clermont “Your magazine sees the future clearly and I would be honored to contribute to it.” George Bennett “Salutations of the highest order to you for gathering together such an esteemed collection of photographers. The site it is a thrilling journey into worlds previously unseen.” Dean Chalkley “The October issue looks great! Wonderful! I am so very appreciative of this opportunity to have my work shown in Life Force magazine. Thank you once again... and wishing continued success with LFM.” Frederic A. Zafran “I am really glad you like the photos! I will eagerly look forward to the January issue!! It is such an honor.” Dimitri Mellos “I am glad to discover your magazine that seems very interesting and very much open to the world.” Caroline Halley “I'll add to the many congratulations on Life Force. This is super and exciting, and I'll be delighted to be involved.” Sean Hillen “The magazine looks fantastic and I am happy to be included.” Stephen Dupont “I`m glad I`m present among so excellent photographers on your website once again.” Krzysztof Pierzgalski “Thanks for getting in touch! I honored that you consider me, and I'd be happy to contribute.” Jens Lennartsson “The photographic concept and image language is of my liking. A fine and admiral endeavour you have there.” Lincoln Clarkes “It's a real honour to be working with you.” George Webber “I am very excited to be featured in Life Force in January, and thank you again for your interest in my work.” Dimitri Mellos “Many thanks for this. The feature looks very good - it's a brilliant selection, really good editorial curating. Thanks - a great start to the New year.” Paddy Summerfield “Fantastic, thank you so much for including me in you outstanding publication. Despite all evidence, you guys are proving that photojournalism is not dead, it’s very much alive and thriving online at LIFE Force. Keep it going and never stop!” Doug Menuez I am honored to be part of this amazing line-up of yours, so much real photography. I always wished I’d been around in the time of the FSA and the Picture Post. Jill Freedman I would be honored to be a part of life force magazine. Travis Dove Thanks so much for your work and support. It looks like a really great issue this month, and so I'm delighted to be part of it. Tim Whitby Thank you very much for doing a great job. Great magazine. John Claridge Damian, it looks perfect! The entire page. Very nice thank you for the opportunity to be on your wonderful site! Boris Nemeth The site looks great. I could get lost on it for hours. Bryan Derballa I had a look at the magazine . Looks fantastic . Congratulations. Paul Blackmore What a kick ass collection of brilliant photojournalism...proud to be amongst the shooters! Michael Gaffney I’ve looked at your site. Congratulations, it’s an awesome collection of well curated photo essays. It’d be an honor to be featured along with so many great photographers. Kai Behrmann It's flattering to be welcomed as a contributor to Life Force Andrea Taurisano Thanks for getting in touch. I would be pleased to see my work published in Life Force. An uncle of mine used to work on the night shift in Fleet Street. His job was to tie up the bundles of newspapers and magazines and load them onto the delivery vans. Every day he would bring home a selection of comics for me and magazines for the adults. Apart from the comics I was always very keen on Life magazine and especially Picture Post both of which I am sure were a great influence on me to become a photographer and take pictures of my own. The picture story is a powerful medium, long may it survive. Colin O’Brien I am an Italian photographer and I just recently discovered your amazing web site that I really love it. Congratulation for your important work. Marco Boria It is a pleasure to be part of your network of photographers and artists. You are doing an amazing job promoting photography. Tony Corotcher Life Force magazine is contributing extraordinarily by featuring compelling stories one after another. GMB Akash After going through the back issues of LIFE FORCE, I would like to sharesome thoughts with you on my appreciation for not only posting my work but the importance of your site for photojournalists around the world. This concept and vision for LIFE FORCE must have been a true labor of love for you and Alice and starting this must have been difficult. You're building something worthwhile and I wish you success for doing what you love. LIFE FORCE gives an opportunity and a home to all photojournalists to document stories about the human spirit. Stories that matter, and remind us of the importance and responsibility that "a picture is worth a thousand words" can bear. This is a beautiful site that serves to share, inform, educate, expose and to encourage photojournalists who now have a place to put our best work. Michael Gaffney Thanks Damian! Looks great! Glad I could contribute. Sam Wolson I enjoyed the entire April issue of LIFE FORCE. It's been years since I was down in a coal mine, not the most welcoming of places I've been. I have a great respect for those who labor in those depths.I need to go back and examine more closely some of the essays. It's a wealth of good work. Keep it coming! Bill Allard Thanks for letting me be part of the April Magazine....a really terrific edition, of which you should both be proud. I think it’s the best mix of stories I’ve seen, really showing how the picture essay can be open to many approaches and still be powerful, involving and moving. Patrick Ward What a kick ass collection of brilliant photojournalism...proud to be amongst the shooters! Michael Gaffney Thank you for this beautiful gift ... inspiration a lot of inspiratin I try to make contact with some photographer so i can give them my compliments.. Greetings from Belgum, (Oudenaarde) Then back to the Netherlands. Willem Wernsen Thank you Damian! You have a fabulous site and I appreciate you showing my work. Shelley Calton Thank you, Damian. I'm very proud to be on Life Force Magazine. It gives me intense satisfaction to see those pictures published 35 years after shooting them. Congratulations on the magazine. It's brilliant! Also, congratulations on your photos of fishermen. Claude le Gall I love your Life Force and am honoured in turn to be a part of it. It is strong, beautiful, unfussy, pure photography, a great magazine and sensibility altogether. Jill Freedman I'm not sure I can write something worthy of complimenting you and your wife in creating such a wonderful imaginative, most fantastic photojournalism MAGAZINE! Without over doing the compliments? There isn't any question, you've certainly over shadowed LIFE, LOOK, PARIS MATCH, NATIONAL GEO and a few others long gone from the street scenes of today. It's magnificent indeed! The best of publishing wishes for a long time to come. Most important? My humblest and biggest thank you I can offer for having me aboard in the October 2016 edition. Dr. Ted Grant C.M. Order of Canada The November issue looks fantastic and I'm very flattered you've put me at the top How do you manage to get so many great contributions every month, it's a fabulous resource of photography. You seem to have taken Picture Post, then National Geographic into the 21st century and the digital age. Brilliant. I will really enjoy it as the coming months unfold Chris Hunt I am super happy to be including in your publication. Having watched so many talented and accomplished photographers in the magazine over many months. I can’t quite believe you wanted some of my work, amazed!. Thank you once again it really is appreciated. Tom Parsons Thank you so much for presenting SHOT in your magazine. I am honored to be with a wonderful group of photographers and feel so happy to be in Life Force. Kathy Shorr The "101" essay looks great, presented beautifully. thanks very much. I wish you continued success. Arthur Grace Very happy to be included in Life Force again! Thanks for your work in the fabulous magazine. Shelley Calton I am thrilled. The issue is wonderful and I am very proud to have my work be included. Leslie Brown
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