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Apr 2016 back issue
by Probal Banerjee
Me and Ma
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Maybe the first word we speak, is, “Ma.” My son and my wife and their endless attachment towards each other; their world was confined to a small room and they enjoyed each and every bit of it. Their love so pure and unconditional. Times changes and one day the room will become too small, but the love and affection will remain. That's why this is the purest relationship in the world. This is not a story, this is how we were.
I am getting ready for bath, Ma is always there to take care of me.
Ma with her childhood picture, she was like me.
I am not in good mood and angry with Ma.
Water is good for me, Ma knows it very well.
We go outside every day, by this window.
Ma, doesn't want to miss my smile. Captured.
Me and Ma, when we both are busy with our gadgets.
My first birthday.
I get bored with the food, sometimes.
Ma busy arranging my clothes, so time to be naughty.
When I am sick, Ma is always beside me to heal me.
It's time to sleep, but I want to fly.
Lunch time.
Time to play, I know Ma will never let me fall.
It's time to fly.
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