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Apr 2016 back issue
by Vidhyaa
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The United Arab Emirates is home to a rich cultural heritage that has been strongly influenced by its unique environment and the region varied terrain: desert, oasis, mountains and coast and dictated the traditional lifestyles that evolved over the centuries. Below are some photographs I’ve taken during cultural festivals in Abu Dhabi.
A local fisherman making a net.
An Emirati in traditional clothing.
Camel and local little boy.
Dhow making in progress.
Well used by Bedouin people.
Making fishing nets.
Little Emirati Children in traditional attire.
Small child watching cultural event.
Local children enjoying a festival.
Making traditional Gahwa or Arabic coffee. Toasted and ground coffee beans are placed into a pot with boiling water.
Opening oysters.
Portrait of a local craftsman.
Pot making.
Qasr Al Hosn festival.
Qasr Al Hosn festival.
Roasted Arabic coffee being served.
The UAE enjoys a strong tradition of music and dance. A young boy performing during a cultural festival.
Tradional handicrafts for sale.
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