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Apr 2016 back issue
The Un-Cinderella Men A Journey from Rags to Riches
by Kanishka Mukherji
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Dreams. What are dreams? Are they only, the sweet luxury of the rich man's incorrigible son who does not have to bother about earning his bread and butter? Or are poor men allowed to have dreams too? And if poor men do have dreams, does society give them a chance to fulfill their dreams? Located in the heart of busy Kolkata is a 75 square foot room.  A room with pale green wall paint, falling in patches here and there. The room comprises of a single bed, sacks of coal, a bicycle and a stove.  The occupants of the room are an elderly man from Varanasi and his three young sons: Arvind, Manoj and Binod.  Now this story is neither about the room nor about the old man. This story is about the three young boys and their big dreams. Dreams that are beyond the four walls of the room. Dreams that involve reaching the topmost position in the world of boxing, a position so high, that on reaching it, the mocking ruthless society around them would almost become inconspicuous. During the day, the boys assist their father in his small scale coal business and other household chores. Arbind mainly takes care of the timely delivery of coal to the customers. He also takes maximum responsibilities on his shoulders so that his brothers do not have to concentrate on anything else other than boxing. Manoj and Binod look up to Arbind as an example. Both of them were attracted to this sport by seeing their big brother boxing. Like any other penurious family of this poverty stricken country, the family somehow manages to just scrape by. Come evening, they transform into men of passion . Once their gloves are on, even brothers turn into competitors. These three brothers have bagged numerous medals and certificates from many state and national level competitions. Now they dream of making it big and taking it to international level. It’s their dream to earn a living from their passion, to enable their father to rest his old bones. They were not born with the luxuries of a comfortable life but that doesn't stop them from following their passion. Boxing is their passion, it is who they are.  They fight for recognition. They fight for respect. They fight for existence.
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