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Apr 2016 back issue
The Jungle
by Aron Klein
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The Calais ‘Jungle’ is a testament to the resilience of human kind and our ability to find hope in the darkest of places.
Home sweet home.
The French courts issued the eviction of the refugees settled in the make shift town known as ‘the Jungle’.
A young Sudanese man refusing to let his home be bulldozed.
A Kurdish boy stands with strength in front of his ‘Jungle house’.
The French police cutting off the southern quarter of the refugee camp.
“Take a long hard look at your self.” A volunteer demanding the riot police look at themselves while evicting the already displaced people.
Peace will prevail. Despite everything the in habitants of the jungle have been through, the underlying feelings of hope are truly inspiring.
Calling home. Certain parts of the camp have a better signal than others. I often see people in the same spots talking to family and friends.
The sparks from tear gas canisters setting fire to a house in the jungle during the heated eviction of the Kurdish area.
Volunteers rush in to pull down the surrounding huts to stop the fire from spreading. When you have very little and you lose everything, is the loss greater?
Riot police entering the southern quarter of the Jungle.
A brave volunteer tries to keep the peace between the riot police and the frustrated Kurdish youths as they watch their houses being demolished in the southern quarter of the Jungle.
A young Afghan boy watching the events unfold from the safety of the side lines beneath a reporter’s tripod.
The fires claimed one of the offices for new arrivals.
Onlookers burn rubbish to keep warm.
Determination. All residents of the jungle are determined to make it to the UK.
“I am searching for freedom in Europe, but I find none!” Kurdish man stands on top of his home in the hope that he can stop it from being bulldozed.
Defiance. Young men defend the edge of the jungle throwing rocks at the riot police blocking the exit and entrance.
Tear gas raining down on the camp.
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