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April 2018 issue
Life with the Kennedys
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by Mark Shaw
Proud Central  London WC2N 22nd March 2018 - 6th May 2018
A portrait of Jackie and JFK, White House, 1959  © Mark Shaw /    Jackie was first shot by Mark Shaw for a cover story in LIFE published August 24th, 1959. Titled “Jackie Kennedy—a Front Runner’s Appealing Wife” this photo essay started the relationship that resulted in some of the most famous and enduring photos of the Kennedy family during JFK’s presidency.   This shot of Jackie posed behind JFK is partly a caricature of the motto “Behind every Great Man is a Great Woman”. Mark Shaw shot this series of images in the yellow sunroom in two permutations- a set with JFK in the foreground and also a set with Jackie in the foreground.  
Jackie and JFK in Campaign Car, Wheeling, 1959  © Mark Shaw /    This portrait of the young couple was taken during JFKs presidential campaign. With American flags waving in the parade and the romantic gaze shared between the senator and his wife, the picture captures their optimism for the future.    Chillingly, it shows JFK and Jackie in a convertible not unlike the vehicle that JFK was assassinated in a mere 4 years later.
Jackie sits at JFK’s senate desk, Washington DC, 1959  © Mark Shaw /    This image was made into a postcard during the hugely popular 2001 exhibition of Jackie’s clothing which started at the  Metropolitan Museum of Art and travelled around America.   Depicting Jackie relaxing at the Senate’s desk, it illustrates the authority and respect she held in the public spotlight at the time.
Jackie swings Caroline in the shallows at Hyannis Port, 1959  © Mark Shaw /    This is the Mark Shaw Photographic Archive’s most popular Kennedy image. The shot embodies the candid relaxed style that made Mark Shaw’s portraits so well remembered. To take a political figure and to put them in a setting where they look both relaxed and glamorous was unheard of at that time. America fell in love with the First Family thanks to this photograph and a few others like it.   
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