Life Force magazine is a free, online, monthly reportage magazine which celebrates the art-form of the photo-essay. Movies are often fantastic characterisations of real life, such as Saving Private Ryan in which the ‘hyper-real’ is explored to great effect.  Life Force Magazine takes images directly from real life, exploring life as a movie that is continually playing out around us. Home
All images on this website are protected by copyright It has been described as the “Picture Post of the 21st Century”  - a photo-led magazine that explores the world and the human condition through the narrative use of photography. The April 2012 issue is dedicated to Life Force magazine contributor Leandro Sanchez who very sadly died on March 14th 2012.
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Shannon Stapleton  .  J.B. Russell  .  Evgenia Arbugaeva  Tom Bradley  .  Brett Ziegler George Georgiou  .  Denis Tarasov   .  Eric Bouvet Steve Winter
In this issue: Irrawaddy River Delta, Myanmar. Steve Winter