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Contributors (in order of appearance) Issue Damian Bird Photographer and Photojournalist  Editor Giles Duley Photographer and Photojournalist August Peter Kennard Photographer and Photomontagist August John Stadnicki Photographer August Mete Ozbek Photographer August Pierre Holtz Photographer August RANKIN Photographer July August Guillermo Cervera Photojournalist July Amit Sha’al Photojournalist July Carmen Ballve Photographer July RAX Photographer July Olivier Laban-Mattei Photographer July August Leandro Sanchez Photographer and Director July Apratim Saha Photographer July Mario Marino Photographer June Tim Cragg Photographer and Film maker June Harsh Gijre Photographer June Robert James Elliott Photographer June Steve Evans Photographer & Cultural researcher May June August Mark Hogancamp Artist and Photographer May Bob Soltys Photographer May Richard Hanson Photographer May Warren Allott Photographer May Laura Schneider Covacevich Photographer April Ranbir Singh Photographer April Aydan Cinar Photographer and Photojournalist April Laurent Molinier Photographer April Mikael Good Photographer and Photojournalist March Kulwant Singh Photographer!/Coolwant March
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