Paul Conroy British photojournalist and film-maker, Paul Conroy was working for the Sunday Times when he was assigned to go to Syria with fellow journalist and friend, Marie Colvin. His mission hit the headlines when the press centre in the city of Homs, where many international journalists were staying, was deliberately targeted in a Syrian rocket attack.  Colvin, along with renowned French photographer, Remi Ochlik, were killed.  Conroy suffered severe leg injuries. There followed a dramatic evacuation in which Conroy and other journalists were smuggled out.  It was reported that 12 brave Syrian volunteers were killed in the escape that brought Conroy to safety. "When Life Force magazine first asked me to select twelve of my most iconic photographs, my heart froze. My mind drifted to the dozens of hard drives gathering dust in rarely opened cupboards. Many coffees and some time later it dawned on me. Every shot taken in a warzone was memorable because each war had, temporarily, become my own. Often immersed for months in combat areas the shots that most represented that era, that set of personal memories best, would be the chosen shot for exhibition. I took up a pencil, jotted down the descriptions of the images and set about finding them. That was the hard part." Paul Conroy An injured child is brought in for treatment at a field clinic in Baba Amr, Syria. There were no medicines to treat her. Her fate is unknown. A mother watches on as her son is treated for gunshot wounds in the field hospital in Baba Amr, Syria. A rebel soldier fires an RPG7 at a sniper position during the battle for Gadaffis palace at Baba Al Azazia, Libya. A rebel on a motorbike with an Obama T shirt and Kalashnikov goes off to battle in Tripoli, Libya. A rebel lays down covering fire as his colleagues try to flush out snipers in the battle of Zarwiya, Libya. Four year old Tamin Adel is treated for shrapnel wounds at Al Hekma hospital in Misrata, Libya. The remnants of a sub Saharan African camp after it was hit by GRAD rockets of the Libyan army. Libyan rebel fighters cross Tripoli street, scene of some of the heaviest fighting and still dangerous due to the presence of pro government snipers based in the taller buildings. A rebel soldier destroys ammunition crates on a spot they recently seized from loyalist troops, Libya. Members of the press run for cover as a MIG jet drops a 500 lb bomb on rebel positions at Ras Lanuf in Libya. Rebel soldiers in Ras Lanuf, Libya, keep watch for enemy bombers as the government forces try to push rebel lines back. A rebel bearing the flag of the free Libya rebels charges into battle on the road from Brega to Ras Lanuf. Rebels at Brega on the night before the assault on Ras Lanuf, Libya. Rebel soldiers move an anti-aircraft AAA weapon in the desert at Ras Lanuf, Libya. A rebel trapped by artillery fire makes desperate phone call during the bombardment. Rebels retreating during a heavy firefight west of Ras Lanuf, Libya. A rebel fighter runs for cover as a government MIG jet drops a 500 lb bomb on their position in Ras lanuf. Back to current issue