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August 2018 back issue
Life in a Quarry
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This is a documentary about the village people who scratch a meagre living from a stone quarry in the Ayodhya hills of Purulia, India.   Almost five years ago, stone from the quarry was used in a major engineering project. On the Kistobazar River of the Ayodhya Hills, two reservoirs with rock-filled dams were constructed. Some of the rocks were left behind and now, it is on this stone that the women of the village, of all ages, work. They collect the stones from the hilly region and break it into small pieces, sometimes using their bare hands. They largely have a lively life. In spite of their tough lifestyle they enjoy their tiffin times and entertain themselves. The only thing makes them tense is when the government threatens to take their livelihood away by issuing notices that the region should not be dug. For although digging and rock breaking causes erosion, the people of this region rely on their work to feed their families.  In this instance, when both human life and nature are equally at risk, one has to give way to the other. 
by Dipayan Bose
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