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August 2019 back issue
 Somewhere Along the Line
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film maker
From 2011 to 2017 Joshua Dudley Greer traveled over 100,000 miles by car, focusing his camera on the massive network of superhighways that has become ubiquitous throughout the United States. Rather than moving quickly through these spaces he made the decision to slowly and deliberately dwell within them, looking at the road as a stage where narratives play out and opposing forces often intersect. The boundaries that line these roadways, whether real or imagined, are examined by looking at the separations between public and private space, privilege and need, the individual and the collective, and the countervailing ideas of home and escape.
by Joshua Dudley Greer
The resulting compilation of photographs depicts the state of America’s infrastructure as a physical manifestation of its economic, social and environmental circumstances in unforeseen moments of humor, pathos and humanity.
Page, Arizona, 2013 © Joshua Dudley Greer
Interstate 75, near Lenox, Georgia, 2014 © Joshua Dudley Greer
Interstate H1, near Honolulu, Hawaii, 2017 © Joshua Dudley Greer
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, 2011 © Joshua Dudley Greer
Interstate 70, near Salina, Kansas, 2014 © Joshua Dudley Greer
Barstow, California, 2017 © Joshua Dudley Greer
Alamosa, Colorado, 2016 © Joshua Dudley Greer
Green River, Wyoming, 2014 © Joshua Dudley Greer
Interstate 83, Baltimore, Maryland, 2014 © Joshua Dudley Greer
Hudson River and Manhattan, from Weehawken,  New Jersey, 2015 © Joshua Dudley Greer
Lewiston, Idaho, 2015 © Joshua Dudley Greer
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