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August 2020 back issue
Landscape & Lockdown
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British Landscape Photographer Charlie Waite has been using the isolation of Lockdown to inspire his work and passion for landscape photography. During lockdown, Charlie found photography to be a helpful tool in expressing the different emotions that he was going through, as it enabled him to immerse himself in the natural world. Charlie saw the lockdown as a time for humans to re-sync with nature and for it to become more present in our everyday lives. Our worlds have got smaller which is why creating photographs and artworks during lockdown can be so uplifting. Whether that’s photographing a view from your bedroom window or a close-up of a flower in your garden, we can now see the wonder in the small everyday things we live with. An exceptional photographer in his own right, Charlie Waite founded the UK’s Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards as well as appearing as a guest judge on the Art Society’s Isolation Artwork Competition in support of young artists and photographers from across the UK. Charlie is a regular lecturer for The Arts Society, the UK’s leading arts education charity, where he lectures on photography.
by Charlie Waite
St George’s hospital wood. Image made for Hospital Recption area.
Autoire, Dordogne.
Buttermere , Cumbria.
Mere Downs, Wiltshire.
Chicklade, Wiltshire.
Loch Indaal Islay, Scotland.
Lucignano, Tuscany, Italy.
Mandalay, Myanmar.
Palomino, Palouse III, Washington State USA.
South of Granada, Andalucia, Spain.
The Lot, France.
Valensole, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.
West of Child Oakford, Dorset.
Win Green, Wiltshire.
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