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Dec 2013 back issue
Park Life
by Mohammad Rakibul Hasan
City parks are places for refreshment. Urban people come to seek solitude and breathe fresh air - and to find a sense of openness. But with the rapid urbanisation and industrialisation of Dhaka city, greenery is diminishing day by day. The city has a burden of more than twenty million people; most of them economic migrants. The fate of the city's parks and reservoirs lies with local government, but corruption and a lack of good guidance means that these areas, so vital to flora and forna and to the health of the human population, are put at risk.  The city has already been named as the most unlivable city in the world. Dhaka needs its parks and recreational facilities to be revived and protected more than ever.
Trees in the park provide shelter to urban birds. Sohrowardi Park, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  28 August 2012.
A street prostitute bathing in a park lake.  Sohrowardi Park, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 15 August 2012.
A street mother having her daily wash. Sohrowardi Park, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  20 November 2012.
Socio-cultural barriers don’t widely allow unmarried relations. Love-couples seek private places to have romance. Sohrowardi Park, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  18 November 2012.
Boy with his horse entertains people in the park. Sohrowardi Park, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  8 October 2012.
A barber shop in the park provides a cheap haircut. Sohrowardi Park, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 8 October 2012
Street dogs find safe shelter and food in the park.  Sohrowardi Park, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  12 December 2012
Lack of open space.  City parks are a substitute for playgrounds.  Sohrowardi Park, Dhaka.  9 October 2012
People come to park for relaxation. Sohrowardi Park, Dhaka.  27 September 2012.
Street children take rest in the park.  Sohrowardi Park, Dhaka.  2 September 2012.
Several tea shops in the park serve refreshments and also create job opportunities for low income earners.  Sohrowardi Park, Dhaka.  11 January 2013.
Many come to park to maintain their health and fitness.  Sohrowardi Park, Dhaka.  8 February 2013.
Boys playing soccer in a dry lake in the park.  Sohrowardi Park, Dhaka.  1 March 2013.
A street show; anti tiger killing campaign in the park.  Sohrowardi Park, Dhaka.  25 December 2012.
A street mother taking care of her daughter.  Sohrowardi Park, Dhaka.  13 February 2013.
A baby girl at the park with her parents to celebrate the Bengali New Year.  Sohrowardi Park, Dhaka.  14 April 2013.
Street children playing in the lake.  Sohrowardi Park, Dhaka.  21 March 2013.  
Street dog chasing flies in the park lake.  Sohrowardi Park, Dhaka.  25 March 2013.
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Horse washing in the park lake. Sohrowardi Park, Dhaka. 15 June 2013.
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