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Dec 2013 back issue
Beer Culture
by David Parry
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South Africa, Uganda and USA 2010-2011 I am a press photographer working in London, I am more used to telling a story with one picture than with many. The photo essay is beautiful thing that I rarely get to do since I left local papers and I am honoured to be able to show you this one. In 2010 I was commissioned by OneRedEye Visual Communications for SABMiller plc to bring my own view point to their larger on-going project called World of Beer; photographing beer culture around the world. The whole project led by Ed Robinson was an interesting one to me as beer culture is such a universal theme around the world, that it can be a yard stick. What do people from different cultures and traditions share when it comes to beer and what changes. I will let the pictures tell that story.
A farmer in a field of sorghum grown by a co-operative of local farmers who supply the crop to the local brewery.
A rancher in Texas who is being helped with water sustainability and environmental stewardship of his land by MillerCoors Brewery.
Residents of one of Cape Town's largest townships talk football as World Cup fever grips the whole of South Africa.
Residents of one of Cape Town's largest townships carry beer home through the streets.
Ranchers relaxing at the end of the day in a bar. Forth Worth Texas.
A girl watches from the doorway of roadside shack near Kampala in Uganda. These are the places where people gather to eat and drink after work.
Workers load crates of High Life at Miller's main Brewery in Milwaukee, where Miller Beer was born in 1855.
A patient of an HIV clinic in Uganda. Nile Breweries a local brewer support this and many other community projects.
The brewhouse at MillerCoors, Texas.
A fisherman relaxes of the banks of Lake Victoria in Uganda with a local beer brewed with Sorghum.
A beer seller at Miller Park in Milwaukee home of the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball team.
Spectators shelter under trees to watch township football teams as World Cup fever means every spare patch of land is now a football pitch.
Ranchers relaxing at the end of the day in a bar. Forth Worth Texas.
Bottles are washed on route through the production line at MillerCoors Brewery, Texas.
A farmer pumps water for his crops. Nile Breweries provide water to their sorgum and barley farmers.
Farmers in a small village relax at the end of the day with a beer they helped create by growing the sorghum used to brew it.
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