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December 2016 issue
Ramos Brosí Circus Yucca Valley
by Markku Lahdesmaki
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Ever since I moved to the foot of Mt. San Jacinto which rises above Coachella Valley in California, I have found myself fascinated by the culture and character of the area and its surroundings; Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree. Earlier this year I was driving towards the little desert town of Joshua Tree,when I saw  a bunch of circus trucks parked in a field in Yucca Valley..  I stopped and found out that a circus was coming to town. They started setting up the big tent that afternoon.  One of the people I saw there first was the director of the Ramos Bros. Circus, Oliver. After a short conversation he asked me where my accent was from? I told him that I’m originally from Finland. “Wow!” he said, “I have been to Helsinki few times with my circus.” That was the connection between us that opened the doors and gave me access to his circus. My wife and I visited Oliver’s circus shows five or six times during the week that they stayed in town. One day, the two of us even went to the local Home Depot and rented the cherry picker so I was able to capture the whole tent from a higher angle. I wanted to use only available light.  The lighting in their show was very moody and not very bright which made it a bit challenging for me.  I was mainly shooting with a Leica 340 and Leica Monochrome. I remember standing in total darkness behind the curtains with some of the artists and wondered how on earth I was going to capture anything at all.
Ramos Bros. Circus in the beautiful Yucca Valley landscape.
Circus clown before the show.
Setting up the net for the Human Canon landing.
Mr. Human Canon Ball.
Mr. Human Canon Ball ready for the big bang and flight.
Mr. Human Canon Ball flying above the arena.
Lighting man spotlighting the performance.
Clown entering the tent.
Poodles and trainer ready to go to the ring.
Poodles in the show.
Poodles and trainers going back to their caravan.
Chain trapeze performance.
One of the youngest crew members selling popcorn.
Kids having good time at Ramos Bros Circus.
Pony and trapeze artist waiting for their turn.
Running around with a poodle.
Camels with their trainer.
The horse is done.
The end of the show.
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