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Dec 2017 back issue
Where the Krays  Learnt to Fight
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by Damian Bird
  Charity event. Repton vs the Belfast Dockers. Central London, England. Repton Boxing Club is based in Bethnal Green, London. It has trained many famous and infamous boxers since it was established in 1884. It began as Repton Boys Club, which was founded by Repton public school as a charitable organisation for the young men of Bethnal Green, one of the poorest communities in London. Repton’s reputation as a place to prove and improve yourself was increased during the 40s and 50s, when both Ronnie and Reggie Kray trained at the gym. The Kray boys proved to be excellent fighters, turning professional in 1951. The club has retained its tough image and has gone on to train other excellent boxers, producing some 500 champions. It is notorious both at home and abroad and competes extremely successfully in many events throughout the year.  
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