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Feb 2016 back issue
Little Bow Hutterite Colony
by George Webber
Life on southern Alberta’s Little Bow Hutterite Colony is much like that on the nearly 300 Hutterite colonies that dot the landscape of western Canada. The Hutterites believe that the essential values of their faith will be best preserved in the rural isolation of their communities which typically number 85 to 100 individuals. The Hutterites lead lives of great spirituality, simplicity and self discipline. To spend time among them is to be reminded of the value of those things and to be touched by the continuing vitality of their 450 year old faith tradition.
Joe and Maria Hofer in the machine shop.
Maria Hofer's hair is unbraided prior to washing.
Katherine Hofer jumping into the pile of wheat.
Sharon Hofer in the calf barn.
Girls swimming in the Little Bow River.
Boys in the calf barn.
Boys skating on the Little Bow River.
Children saying grace in kindergarten.
Children rolling tires to the playground.
Miriam Hofer cuts a path through the duck pen.
Mathew Hofer tending to hogs before slaughter.
Butchering hogs on a winter morning.
Annie Hofer working in the poultry plant.
Paul Hofer cutting away ice to free the water pump.
Laura Hofer holds out her bleeding hand.
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