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When Ukraine is No Longer Ukraine by Ioana Moldovan Essay 1 Donald. West Bay, Dorset by Damian Bird Essay 2 Trouble in Paradise. Cuba by Marylise Vigneau Essay 3 Mile O’ Mud by Malcolm Lightner Essay 4 Dinka by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher Essay 5 Cardiff After Dark by Maciej Dakowicz Essay 6 Township by Anne Rearick Essay 7 Wunderland by Frank Kunert Essay 8 Geordieland by Claude le Gall Essay 9 Shipbreak by Claudio Cambon Essay 10 The American Dream by Emmanuel Georges Essay 11 Ahead with the Past by Jutta Benzenberg Essay 12 The Mark of Abel by Lydia Panas Essay 13 Stages of Decay by Julia Solis Essay 14 Infinite Light by Marissa Roth Essay 15 Epic Gamers of Israel by Dror Garti Essay 16 Voyage Éthéré by Alexandre Deschaumes Essay 17 Eternal Light by Kim Verkade Essay 18
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“The quality level of the work and the site's simplicity and user-friendliness will, I believe, enhance the future value of this outstanding archive of contemporary photography.” Medford Taylor, National Geographic Photographer
Photo: Ioana Moldovan
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film & documentary maker
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