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Jan 2014 back issue
Gdanski Bridge Warsaw
by Grzegorz Wroniszewski
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Gdanski Bridge, which spans the Vistula river, is the only two-level bridge in Warsaw - the capital of Poland. Some people observe it through the windows of their cars, others while travelling by trams, riding a bike or simply walking by. Daylight rarely touches the very bottom of the bridge, except perhaps very early in the morning or last thing during the evening.  This is the place where everlasting minutes of emptiness and stillness interweave with the intensity of minor events.
The view from the right-bank of Vistula river, skiers use the seasonal snow cover.
Newly-weds use the bridge scenery for taking a photo.
Exploring historical fragments damaged by war (including the Second World War).
A skier walking along the rails.
Workers renovating the bridge.
A place of cyclists.
A resident of the bridge.
Passengers using public transport.
A spiral staircase from the bridge.
The bridge at night.
Tram stop and Vistula street in the background.
The view from the left-bank of Vistula river.
A tram - a popular means of transport.
A dropped leaflet.
Vistula river in winter.
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