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Jan 2019 back issue
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Seedtimes by Omar Badsha is the latest book by the award winning artist, documentary photographer and veteran of the anti apartheid struggle.  Seedtimes is Badsha’s 6th publication and is made up of images taken over four decades  and includes work done in South Africa in the 1980s, and work done after 1990 when he was granted a passport after 25 years and so had the opportunity to travel in India, Ethiopia and Denmark. Badsha is a self taught artists and photographer and was amongst the new generation of artists of the post Sharpeville era who changed the discourse on South African art. He was able to combine his art and photographic work whilst being at the forefront of the revival of political and trade union organisations in the 1970s. In 1981 he initiated the establishment of Afrapix, the legendary independent anti apartheid photographers collective and agency. Afrapix played a seminal role in documenting life under apartheid and the mass democratic anti apartheid struggles in the country.
by Omar Badsha
ANC leader Helen Joseph, Christmas Day, Johannesburg, 1981.
David Brown, member of Detainee Action Committee, Durban 1982
Easter pageant play, Pondoland, Transkei. 1986
Farzanah and great grandmother, Durban. 1978
Florence Mkhize and student leader in meeting with Department of Bantu Education officials, Durban, 1986.
Funeral Brook Street Cemetery, Durban.1981
Funeral of Stembiso Nzuza and Moses Ramatlotlo, killed in an armed clash with police, KwaMashu, 1984
Garment worker, Queen Street, Durban. 1986
Interior, Springfield Flats, Durban. 1983
Leader of Nazareth Baptists Church and followers, Inanda 1983
Man with gun
Migrant worker Dalton Road Hostel, Durban. 1986
Women with washing, Inanda, Durban .1980
Young women repairing her home, Inanda. 1982
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