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Jan 2019 back issue
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film maker
Damian Bird To commission him or to request prints of his work: Damian Bird (born London, 1972)  is a photographer, photojournalist and lecturer with many years of experience, working in war zones and trouble spots around the globe.  He was educated in Photography at the Surrey College of Art and Design and at the London College of Communication where he studied for a post graduate degree in Photojournalism.  In 2011 he founded Life Force magazine with his business partner and wife of 16 years, Alice.  As well as Editing Life Force magazine, he is currently engaged in photographing a series of photo-essays on English culture and has recently returned to Afghanistan.His first book Seabird was released in November 2017.
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Dorothea Lange Dorothea Lange was an American documentary photographer and photojournalist, best known for her Depression-era work for the Farm Security Administration. Lange's photographs humanized the consequences of the Great Depression and influenced the development of documentary photography. Wikipedia Born: 26 May 1895, Hoboken, New Jersey, United States Died: 11 October 1965, San Francisco, California, United States source: wikipedia
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Pieter Henket To commission him or to request prints of his work: Pieter Henket’s images, an encounter between his eyes and the eyes of his characters, form a (celebrity-worshipping) narrative, comprehensible and dead on hip. An autodidact, he already has worked with stars like Angelica Houston, Mary- Kate Olsen, Sir Ben Kingsley, Kristen Stewart, William Hurt and pop phenomenon Lady Gaga for who Henket captured the image of her debut album “The Fame”. In 2010, this iconic image was included in the American Woman exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Fascinated with capturing the image as if it were a still, with all its cinematographic characteristics and thus hard to copy, Henket evokes electric vibes. These images are on the rocky edge but remain mysteriously narrative.
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He continues to have his work published in national and international newspapers and magazines  including The Times, the Telegraph, the Express, the Observer, GQ, Esquire, Daily Mail, Dazed & Confused,The Face, Country Life, Coast and Geographical magazine. He lives in Devon, England with his wife, four children and his dachshunds, Jessie and Wilhelmina.
Inge Morath Ingeborg Hermine "Inge" Morath was an Austrian-born American photographer. In 1953, she joined the Magnum Photos Agency, founded by top photographers in Paris, and became a full photographer with the agency in 1955. Born: 27 May 1923, Graz, Austria Died: 30 January 2002, Manhattan, New York City, United States source: wikipedia
John Langmore To commission him or to request prints of his work: John Langmore grew up in a family of photographers. His father, Bank Langmore, quit a corporate career to pursue photography in the 1970s. Bank quickly established himself as one of the preeminent photographers of the American West and his book, “The Cowboy”, is considered one of the seminal bodies of work on the subject. His mother opened a renowned portrait studio in San Antonio, Texas, which today is run by his brother and sister. John took to photography later in life when his career as a corporate attorney moved him to Asia. John quickly developed the same passion for photography that has become his family legacy. John’s work has been widely published, exhibited and collected. John was a founding member and President of the Austin Center for Photography and in addition to having completed long-term projects on East Austin and Oaxaca, Mexico, John is currently working on a project on America's big outfit cowboys to be finished in the Fall of 2015. John lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife, Erika, and his two sons, Jordan and Grant.
Omar Badsha To commission him or to request prints of his work: Badsha is a self-taught artist and photographer and was amongst the new generation of artists of the post Sharpeville era who changed the discourse on South African art. He was able to combine his art and photographic work while been in the forefront of the revival of political and trade union organisations in the 1970. In 1981 he initiated the establishment of Afrapix, the legendary independent anti apartheid photographers collective and agency. Afrapix played a seminal role in documenting life under apartheid and the mass democratic anti apartheid struggles in the country. Badsha was, in the early 80s, photographic head of the Second Carnegie Inquiry into Poverty and Development in Southern Africa and edited the seminal book with Prof Francis Wilson, “South Africa the Cordoned Heart”. In 1987 he moved to Cape Town to establish the Documentary photography project at the University of Cape
In recent years Henket has focused on portrait photography. These images seem to sum up the New Yorker culture of this decade. With his scenic stripped to a void and daring lightning design, Henket manages to make the faces in the images look casual and accidental, yet knows to represent the essence of the face and to get – with wit – under the skin of celebrity culture. Illuminating and frightening close, style maintained. Henket works and lives in New York City since 1998.
Town and became one of the leaders of the cultural organisations and the head of the UDF cultural wing.  He is the author of a number of photographic books, curator of some of the most important photographic exhibitions of the 1980s and the recipient of a number of awards. He is the founder and head of South African History Online and continues to work on his photographic project. Badsha is the author of six books and curator of many exhibitions.  In 2018 he was awarded the South African National Order of Ikhamanga (silver).  Life Time Achievement Award for the Preservation of South African History, Western Cape Government Department of Arts, Culture and Sports In December 2017 he was awarded Honorary Doctor of Philosophy by the University of Stellenbosch. The Arts and Cultural Trust: Lifetime Achievement for Visual Arts 2016 and is a member of the Department of Arts and culture Living Legends Project.
Louis Browne To commission him or to request prints of his work: Louis Browne is a photographer and director based between London and New York with WMA. He has worked with music artists such as Mumford and Sons, Liam Payne, Lana Del Rey, Stefflon Don and James Arthur, and with brands such as Adidas, Channel 4, Vevo and Instagram.
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Rajib Singha To commission him or to request prints of his work: email Rajib Singha is a self-taught photographer and a teacher by profession who lives in   West Bengal, India. Rajib has contributed to multiple citizen journalism sites such  as Reuters Your View, Yahoo News, BBC Your View and others, along with national  news  dailies. As well, Rajib has won multiple photography competitions nationally  and  internationally.
Subhadip Biswas To commission him or to request prints of his work: email Wandering on the streets has always been my favourite thing. I used to carry a film camera from a very tender age but that was mere clicking but from that time taking photographs has been a part of me. In the mean time I aspired to be a Film Maker but somehow I ended up being a Civil Engineer. I enjoy being that. With time a deeper look into the art of photography has been ventured by me, met some friends with the same taste especially Shayan Chaudhuri, Akash ghosh, Pratip and Kaushik Halder who has always been with me everytime and obviously Ankita Roy who has been my greatest critique ever. A DSLR Camera as gift from my father triggered my wish to take this art further and this continues along with wandering on the streets. I am Subhadip. I am from Kolkata, India. Instagram
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