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July 2016 back issue
by Jashim Salam
Water World Bangladesh
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The effects of climate change – rising sea level and sea surface temperature, deforestation, global warming  – have brought a sudden vulnerability to the lives and livelihoods of people living in Chittagong city and coastal areas of Bangladesh. Chittagong is often regarded as the commercial and industrial capital of Bangladesh. The estimated population of the city is more than 6.5 million and it is considered to be the second largest city in the country. The Port of Chittagong is an important driver of the Bangladeshi economy, handling over 90% of the country's international trade.   The millions of people living in these areas have to battle tidal floods, sometimes as frequently as twice a day.  Prior to this sudden regularity, the only tidal surge in remembered history occurred during 1991, when a hurricane hit the coastal area of Chittagong. The new, frequent floods are alarming. They rise even higher than before and the waters remain for days, causing great discomfort for the inhabitants. Locals such as myself are growing increasingly concerned, as we all may have to shift from our original localities due to this excess of water.  My ongoing project Water World seeks to bring these issues to light.
A boy crosses the water in an inundated road during a heavy tidal surge in Chittagong, Bangladesh.
A women looks on hopelessly at her submerged belongings inside her house during a heavy tidal surge in Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Papers and magazines float in the water inside a house in Chaktai, during a heavy tidal surge in Chittagong.
A family stuck inside their house, waiting to go to bed during a heavy tidal surge in Chittagong.
A child watches as her house and yard is surrounded by water during a heavy tidal surge in Chittagong.
An Imam of a mosque is rescued during a heavy tidal surge in Chittagong.
Mintoo (40), sits on sofa when his house inundated by tidal flood in Chittagong.
A businessman desparately tries to throw out flood water with a bucket from his shop during a heavy tidal surge in Chittagong.
A businessman tries to protect his rice sacks from water with plastic sheeting during a heavy tidal surge in Chittagong.
Children push a car that is stuck in tidal flood water.
My family and me have been greatly affected by tidal floods for several years. Our lush green home yard at Chaktai, which is situated in the heart of the city of Chittagong, goes under tidal water often these days. We  have had to raise it up with a concrete floor more than 2 feet high as a protection from the tidal water.
A flooded room in a house in Chaktai, seen at midnight. Many families suffer heavily and can’t sleep at night due to heavy tidal surges in Chittagong.
Women try to rescue their belongings from a flooded house.
A grandfather carries his granddaughter through a flooded street during Eid day in Chittagong.
A dog walks through tidal water in Chittagong.
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