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July 2016 back issue
Twickenham the Home of Rugby
by Francesco Ragazzi
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I started to play Rugby together with my twin when we were six years old. Our father and his three brothers had been players before us. My girlfriend is a former player for the Italian National Rugby team. My son, if I ever have one, will surely start to play with an oval ball. Like every other person portrayed in this project we watched rugby and we’ll belong forever. On the rugby field I met hundreds of friends, I learned to respect rules and opposites. I learned to fight to achieve the desired objective and that the most important thing is to win. All the teammates I had during my 22 years as a rugby player are my brothers and with them I shared positive and negative moments on and off the field, as if we were part of the same family. We will always be rugby men. These photographs are part of my long-term project about rugby people. All of them have been taken in Twickenham. Known as The Home of Rugby, Twickenham was built in 1907 and hosted the first international rugby game, between England and Wales, in 1910. The unique sporting atmosphere of Twickenham brings together the most ardent fans with families and children. Banter is often exchanged between rival fans but this merely adds to the inspiring, goliardic and friendly spirit of the most important rugby venue of the Northern Hemisphere.
England fans welcoming rugby people from all over the world at Twickenham before the opeing game of the Rugby World Cup 2015. England vs Fiji 18-09-2015.
England fans wearing the Rose before the game.  England vs Ireland 22-02-2014.
Scottish family under Twickenham west-stand. Scotland vs Australia 18-10-2015.
Aussie fans enjoying the magic atmosphere of the game-day. Australia vs Scotland 18-10-2015.
The Barbarian Football Club is an invitational rugby team founded in 1890. The Barbarians play in traditional black and white hoops, though players retain the socks from their home club. Barbarians vs All Blacks 5-12-2009.
South African fan proudly singing his anthem together with the players. South Africa vs Wales 17-10-2015.
Members of the army carrying the flags out of the field, after the opening ceremony and before the kick off.  England vs Ireland 22-02-2014.
Old prop watching the game. Rugby shapes your soul and your body. England vs Ireland 22-02-2014.
Austarlian fan during the match. Scotland vs Australia 18-10-2015.
Irish fan at the half-time. England vs Ireland 22-02-2014.
South Africans celebrating the late try which gave them access to the Semifinal of the Rugby World Cup 2015. South Africa vs Wales 17-10-2015.
Rugby fan looking at the pitch. Dan Carter had just been nominated Man of the Match of the Rugby World Cup Final 2015. Australia vs New Zealand 31-11-2015.
Rugby, Watch and you'll belong. England vs South Africa 15-11-2014.
Rugby Fans leaving Twickenham after the Sevens Series Final. In 2016 Rugby will be back at the Olympics Games after almost 100 years. Sevens World Series Final 10-05-2014.
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