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July 2016 back issue
Jialing River
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by Douglas Hook
Jialing River; A tributary of the Yangtze River with its source in Gansu province, the Jialing gets its name from its crossing of the Jialing Vale in Feng County of Shaanxi. The Jialing is a river with a great history; a story of a spy escaping and the supply of essential logistics during the anti-Japanese war, not to mention, the river flooding many times in history and again in the late 90s. It has helped, as well as hindered people living on its embankments for centuries. I haven't wanted to show the scale of the 1,119 kilometre long river as I think this speaks for itself, but rather the variety of life surrounding it. What better place than the metropolis in which its convergence with the largest river in China occurs, Chongqing. I wanted to capture the resulting beauty of the river, as well as the unsanitary aspects of the Jailing as it has passes through the many towns and cities, picking up artifacts, people’s valuables, plastic bags/bottles and even a toilet.
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Written on the rocks is engraved "Jialing River". The women bends down to collect plastic bottles to sell to recycling companies.
A recreational part of the weekend for many local Chongqing locals is to go to the river to fish.
Fishing off the Ciqikou riverside. Although the pollution has come under the scrutiny of local and international environmentalists, many fishermen are still able to bag a catch.
Weddings in China are big business. Shooting a wedding scene next to the idyllic river of the Jialing could be used locally as advertising for the company as well as nationally.
 One of the fairground sellers sitting and waiting for customers. during the off-season.
A view of the inside of one of the many boats that line the Jialing river.
Many local people go to the river to wash their scooters and motorcycles. Here next to the Shimen bridge people also go swimming on the warm summers days to cool down.
Many local residents take regular swims in the river. This particular resident swims across the (often quite strong) Jialing river.
The new bypass is being laid along one of the popular tourist areas of Chongqing. A redeveloped ‘old town’ made to look like a traditional Chinese street for tourism.
Lazy days alongside the Jialing river. Meeting with friends and long periods of comfortable silence in good company frequent the riverside.
Chongqing is going through a transition from old to new. Many of the people of Chongqing use traditional Chinese farming methods to cultivate the land.
One worker walks a unique way to work. Although not open to the public, many use this structure to commute along the rivers.
An old, abandoned structure. A monument to the passing of industry in central Chongqing having been pushed to the suburbs due to the heavy pollution in the city.
Fishing in the heat of the midday sun, this fisherman covers his skin with a jacket and hat to protect himself.
Chongqing has the name "the city of bridges" due to amount of crossing's along the Jialing river as well as the Changjiang (Yangtze River).
On the humid hot days many of the locals go to the river to cool off. These two lads cool off near Ciqikou, the older area of Chongqing that has seen redevelopment.
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