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July 2018 back issue
Alice’s Adventures
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film maker
“I like to travel and photograph in new far-flung places because, like most people, my consciousness heightens and I come alive in a way that I never could amid the familiar environment of home. I want people with different views from diverse backgrounds to trust me so that I can capture and convey something of their aspirations and reality. I love people that make an effort; the old woman fully made up in the supermarket with the frilly leopard-print outfit on, that’s who I want to look at and photograph. “Character is paramount to my work and I’m attracted to people from all walks of life. I want to capture an element of truth of my subjects and their personal environments. This works best for my pictures - amid the challenges and logistics of shooting on the road; it doesn’t make sense to do it any other way.  Luck always plays a part, so while I prepare as much as possible in advance and at the same time keep myself open to any possibility.” Displaying an uncommon flair for storytelling that imbues each image with a sense of the sublime, Alice Hawkins’s work explores the importance of individuality, role play, dressing up, fantasy and playfulness, all of which have become hallmarks of her career. Her extended series of stylised
by Alice Hawkins
‘fashion portraits’ around the world question and ultimately celebrate beauty and the representation of those outside of the mainstream. Her photographs for some of the world’s leading fashion magazines document men and women found on ‘road trips’ in far-flung locations. For these, Hawkins works with friends, people she sees on the street or locals whose particular style or appearance she has sought out (and who often become friends), rather than fashion models. Organised by location and interspersed with short contributions from some of Hawkins’s key mentors and collaborators, Alice’s Adventures is a mesmerising and highly original visual journey that will inspire those interested in a fresh, contemporary approach to fashion and photography.
Magdalena Frackowiak, Hawaii 2013.
Lily and son Richard, Cuba 2012.
Dashenka Giraldo with Victoria the Bengal Tiger, Las Vegas 2008.
Angela and Barbie, Death Valley 2006.
Abbey Clancey, New Brighton 2012.
Paloma Faith with the Fleming family, Southampton 2014
Cash & Rodder, Texas 2005.
Donatella Versace, Milan 2006.
Scott and Skett Mitchell, Texas 2005.
Hugh Hefner with a Bunny, The Playboy Mansion 2008.
Kuya Lokuruka and Lwanda Jawar, Nairobi 2011.
Baby Christopher, Nairobi 2011.
Chingford Ladies Tea Dance Club, Essex 2005.
Lisa Marie, London 2007.
Kathie, Nevada 2006.
Elena Biondi, Russia 2006.
Shane Ayon with Spot, Sunny, Tikki and Picasso the Horse, San Bernardino 2008.
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