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July 2018 back issue
The Extraordinary Beauty of Birds
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film maker
by Deborah Samuel
In this magnificent display of ornithological beauty, readers are given the chance to marvel at the textures and colors of birds in stunning detail—and are rewarded with a new appreciation Deborah Samuel’s photographs are meant to inspire and teach. In this book she turns her lens toward the bird, and her images are as surprising as they are exquisite. From nest to egg to feather, these images are an exercise in seeing and a showcase of what photography can reveal: the impossibly soft feathers of ospreys; the iridescence of a bird-of-paradise; the curved, needle-like beak of a common scimitarbill; and the psychedelic hues of the aptly named resplendent quetzal. Samuel also photographs the nests and eggs of birds, showing us examples of
incredible artistry and simple, natural perfection. Accompanying these images are detailed scientific descriptions of Samuel’s subjects, written by Mark Peck, an ornithological expert at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. An index detailing each species—its common and scientific names, size, habitats, and breeding practices—makes this more than a photography book, while the extraordinary images transform it into a sourcebook of colors, shapes, and designs.
Osprey eye.
Mourning Dove.
King of Holland Bird-of-paradise.II-Wilson's Bird-of-paradise.III.
Guianan Cock-of-the-rock.II
Red Knot.I
Resplendent Quetzal.VI
Superb Lyrebird.IX
Himalayan Monal.II
Great Grey Owl.I.
Cooper's Hawk.V1.V2.
Razorbill Egg.XXIX
Common Murre Egg.IX
Common Murre Egg.VIII
Razorbill Egg.XXX
Cedar Waxwing.I
Blue Jay.VIII
Black Sicklebill.IV.
American Robin Egg.VII.Nest.II
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