JULY 2013 BACK ISSUE by Dina Oganova Georgia is a small country.  It is located on the borders of Europe and Asia, on the shores of the Black Sea.  Formerly part of the Soviet Union, Georgia borders with Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan And Armenia.  Of the 4 million inhabitants, about a third live in the capital Tbilisi.  Georgia is my favourite subject to photograph, not only because I was born and raised here, but because everything is special and unusual here;  people, streets, architecture and traditions. I began this story in 2007. And I believe I will never finish it.  Georgia is inexhaustible. Street scene.  The city of Mtskheta, one of the oldest cities in Georgia, is located about 20km north of the capital of Tbilisi. Street scene.  The capital Tbilisi by day. Batumi Irakli in his own world. Tbilisi street life. Tbilisi street life. Tbilisi House Of Social Theraphy. Lia And Vaso. Church service.  Mtskheta. Tbilisi House for old ladies. Kokotauri Village. Nino and her brother Luka. Sunday morning, Tbilisi. Girls waiting for a dance lesson, Tbilisi. New game for children, Tbilisi. Black Sea love, Kobuleti. Girl at the window, Tbilisi. Rainy day, Tbilisi. Boys and girls, Tbilisi. Night city kiss, Batumi. Street life, Mtskheta.
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