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Farming Dartmoor by Damian Bird Essay 1 A Bad Habit by Andy Moxon Essay 2 Empty Days by Paddy Summerfield Essay 3 Pabean Passage by Anton Gautama Essay 4 The Funfair, Laos by Gary M Jones Essay 5 America in a Trance by Niko J Kallianiotis Essay 6 Perpetual Motif by George Vogiatzakis Essay 7 Reconstructing the View by Mark Klett and Byron Wolfe Essay 8 Wade Davis Photographs Essay 9 Wild West by Joachim Hildebrand Essay 10 Transformation by Gourab Guha Essay 11 Every Breath We Drew by Jess Dugan Essay 12
    June 2018 issue
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Roy Radmore. One of the great Dartmoor farmers, rounding up his sheep for treatment against ticks and lice. 17 May 2018. Photo: Damian Bird.