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June 2019 back issue
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Werner BischofUSA
First exhibition dedicated to the acclaimed Magnum Photographer’s USA series  PRIVATE VIEW 6 JUNE 2019 6-9pm David Hill Gallery, London W10
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 Werner Bischof / Magnum Photos / David Hill Gallery
Renowned Magnum photographer Werner Bischof brought early 1950s America vividly to life through his series of enigmatic and expansively composed images, yet his tragic death at 38 meant that this work was never printed in his lifetime.  A true innovator, Bischof was one of the first documentary photographers to approach colour seriously. At the time, most of his celebrated contemporaries were still predominantly working in monochrome and would continue to do so until the mid 1960s. Now this fascinating collection of both black and white and colour images, taken during his travels around America, many shown here for the first time, will be unveiled in a landmark exhibition that celebrates the legendary photographer’s work.
Two nuns, New York, USA 1953
Advertising signage, southern states, USA 1954
A tree's shadow, Georgia, USA 1953
Madison, New York, USA 1953
Reflecting house, New York, USA 1953
Reflection in car windscreen, New York, USA 1953
Reflection in water, New York, USA 1953
Reflection on a Jaguar, New York, USA 1953
Roof of the bus terminal, New York, USA 1953
S. Beckenstein, New York, USA 1953