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July 2020 issue
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Steve McCurry India
Steve McCurry has returned to India some 80 times since his first visit in 1978. He considers it a photographer’s paradise, with its wealth of colour, culture and extreme contrasts, including those between India’s rich and poor. McCurry captures both the ‘Bombay elite’ and the ‘Mumbai slumdogs’. Photographs of Harshvadhan Singh, the son of the Maharawal of Dungarpur, in the family palace, and of socialite Chamundeshwari Boghilal are shown alongside images of women washing clothes in the Yamuna River and of a Kashmiri shepherd sheltering in the trunk of a tree. A photograph taken by McCurry in Bihar in 2000 of a Buddhist monk in a food stall illustrates another of India’s paradoxical contradictions: rising consumerism in one of the most spiritual countries on earth. The rich tapestry of India’s different faiths is woven throughout McCurry’s photographs. India features images of Hindu devotees immersing statues of Ganesh in the sea off Chowpatty Beach, of Sikhs praying at the Golden Temple, and of the garden in Bodh Gaya, believed to be where Lord Buddha achieved enlightenment.
India by Steve McCurry is published by Phaidon, £29.95 (
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