Bukhara .
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Millions of tourists flock to the town of Bukhara in Uzbekistan.  This cultural and trade centre is a World Heritage site and is heavily photographed by its many guests.  I am lucky enough to live here.  I have the opportunity to walk not only the main streets of the city, but also in residential areas, to go out of town to the countryside.  As well as documenting  the famous historical monuments I also seek out the ordinary people who live and work here.  Sometimes I observe and photograph without being detected; sometimes I 'talk' to the city, trying to understand its soul. Chronicles of Bukhara by Anzor Bukharsky Bukhara Province. Village. Early morning. People are gathering for a young man's funeral feast. For this reason women are wearing traditional white shawls. Bukhara. Snow is a very rare natural phenomenon for the Bukhara area. Even more rare is a snowstorm. Bukhara Province. Village. Celebration of a young couple's engagement. There is a large cooking pot with pilau in the foreground. Traditionally all cooks are male. Bukhara Province. Village. Beautiful fabric in front of a house serves as a covering (tent) from the sun.  There is a Russian make of the car called a Zhiguly on the right. Young girls aged 16-18 look out of the fabric. Bukhara Province. Village. A family (mother and her three children) are in their house. They are demonstrating artificial Christmas trees that served as decoration for the New Year's Day celebrations. A photograph of the same woman with her firstborn is on the wall. A bit above that picture hangs a heart as a symbol of love in this house. Bukhara Province. Village. A man is shaving himself in front of a looking glass fragment built straight in the house wall. The reflection shows his wife standing behind him. Bukhara Province. Village house.  Domestic rooster is solemnly having a walk in foreground. Bukhara region. Village. The family of a young man is gathered near a Russian made car called a Zhiguly. The car's grill is covered by an advertising poster with a woman's image on it. Bukhara Province. Village. A house of Asian Gypsies - Lyuli. There are lots of mirrors on the walls, carpets, posters and other decorations which are characteristic interior adornments. Bukhara Province. A house of Asian Gypsies - Lyuli. An old man shows his family photos. The house is decorated with a wall clock, posters and fabric pieces. A cast iron furnace is in the left corner, a TV set is on the right. A popular Uzbek movie is broadcasting on TV. Bukhara Province. Village. A cage with a domestic bird and children playing behind it. Bukhara. Chaikhana (oriental tea house) in the town's old district. Cellophane helps keep the heat inside in the winter. A grape vine grows right here inside, breaking through the roof. Bukhara Province. Village. A young man is driving a car. Some children and the man's relatives can be seen through the car's front window. Bukhara Province. A house of Asian Gypsies - Lyuli. A baby with her grandmother who is sitting by the cast iron furnace peeling potatoes. A cat sits in the doorway. Bukhara Province. A house of Asian Gypsies - Lyuli. A plastic bag is drying on the clothes line. Bukhara Province. A house of Asian Gypsies - Lyuli. Three girls are dancing in the house yard. Bukhara. Members of a Jewish family are taking their places at the festive table to celebrate Pesah. Traditional Jewish dishes are on the table. Members of the family wear festive clothes. Back to current issue