Letters to the Editor Letters to the Editor   email the Editor at: damian@lifeforcemagazine.com “I would be proud and thrilled to have my work published in Life Force.” Raymond Gehman, National Geographic Photographer “You have my congratulations for presenting such a visually stunning magazine. Aside from presenting a visual feast for your readers, your magazine is providing a wonderful service for photographers.” Johan Reinhard Ph.D, Explorer in Residence, National Geographic “A handsome, important venue for photography.” Kevin Schafer, National Geographic Photographer “I wish you the very best of luck.” Jeff Bridges, Actor & Photographer “Bravo! I love the simple design of the process - you allow the images to tell the story with thoughtful support of the language.” Lynn Johnson, National Geographic Photographer “I must have been living in a cave to have missed your spectacular magazine.  I looked through the current issue and some of the earlier ones and was impressed.  You have built a modern version of LIFE Magazine, probably even a better one.  I would be very honored if you would like to use some of my work.” Gordon Wiltsie, National Geographic Photographer “I love what you are doing I'd also be honored to be a contributor.” Ralph Lee Hopkins, National Geographic Photographer “Fantastic new free online "photo-essay" magazine just launched.” Stephen Fry, Actor, Writer, Broadcaster and Comedian “My greetings with this important anniversary of your beautiful magazine! Besides thank you very much for your attention to my country and your interest to Russian photography and photographers.” Sergey Maximishin “Congrats on Life Force - great to see your new view of the photographic world. Sure loved seeing Jeff's [Bridges] images - grew up watching his Dad's show Sea Hunt.” Steve Winter National Geographic Photographer "I would love to be a part of Life Force magazine." RANKIN "Dear Damian, thank you I like how you do things. It is a great Magazine." RAX “I am truly flattered and would love to participate.” Larry Racioppo  “Thanks for having used the feature on my work.  I think you are all doing a great job in addressing photography as such an important part of our lives.” Jay Dickman, National Geographic Photographer “Your magazine looks interesting.” Bruce Dale, National Geographic photographer “I love the 'Private Ryan' spread, what an honor to be in the same magazine as the likes of my old friend Terry O'Neil.  Thank you for starting something great and the rebirth of a great outlet for photojournalism.” David James “I’m living for these photos. I love your site and any chance I can get to be introduced to great artists and beautiful images, I'm there!” Santino Rice, fashion designer and US TV personality “A really interesting magazine and a wonderful revival of the Picture Post format.” Prue Richardson, The Culture Show BBC2 “Congratulations on the magazine!” The studio of Steve McCurry MAGNUM photographer I’m so pleased about the magazine.” Erin Pizzey, Founder of the charity SHELTER and best-selling novelist “A free really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous.” Stephen Fry “Thank you for what you did in your magazine, it's very good!” Olivier Laban-Mattei World Press Photo 1st prize winner “Its a fabulous website and has stunning pictures. Good luck!” Barney Jones, Editor, BBC’s Andrew Marr Show “Looks great, thank you for the piece.  Its a great collection you chose. Thanks so much for highlighting Mark’s [Hogancamp] work!” Jeff Malmberg, Director of the film Marwencol “May issue looks great. I'm always amazed with so many great works and talented photographers.” Hiroko Masuike “The quality of the photography is superb.” Michael Burrell, Actor & Playwright “The magazine looks terrific!” David Soul, Actor & Musician (Starsky & Hutch) “I always like your magazine, you never fail. I’m in Greenland and the mosquitoes are eating me up.” RAX “You made my day. I can’t stop smiling. Thank you.” Darlyne Murawski “Wonderul publication!  Happy to participate.” Stephen Crowley “I know Life Force magazine and have deep respect for the work you present there.” Espen Rasmussen “Thanks so very much for this beautiful photo essay coverage and space. I am quite proud. Do you know that this collection has never been published anywhere; you are the first! I shot most of these images on "personal" assignments. Thank you, Damian. I feel very proud.” Catherine Karnow, National Geographic photographer “Firstly let me congratulate you on fantastic publication.  Absolutely superb. Secondly it would be a big honor to display my pictures with you, so the answer is an emphatic yes.” Paul Conroy, Sunday Times Photojournalist “Your online magazine is stunning and very educational about the world in so many ways.” Paul Chesley, National Geographic “I wish you great success with the magazine and I am honored to be apart of the future lineup!” Chris Rainier, National Geographic Society Fellow “Many thanks for featuring my pictures in your esteemed magazine. Your November issue looks great and love the works of the other photographers showcased in it. Thank you for creating a wonderful platform for photographers and quality photojournalistic work.” How Hwee Young “A wonderful magazine - congratulations. You have inspired me to get photographing again!!” David Suchet, Actor & Photographer “I would love to be part of this initiative.” Marco di Lauro, Photojourrnalist (Getty)  “Fantastic magazine! It would be an honor to be published in Life Force Magazine.” Peter Pereira “Great job on the magazine..... it looks fantastic” Lana Slezic (Panos) “It’s an impressive collection of work by some great photographers.” Aubrey Wade (Panos) “The magazine is looking good and it is an great resource for all those interested in photography.” Graeme Williams (Panos) “Thanks so much Damian! It was a pleasure to work with you and have my Hong Kong photos published!” Catherine Karnow, National Geographic Photographer “Thank you so much for showcasing the work of so many photographers. I enjoy seeing the work of my colleagues as well my own.” Kevin Schafer, National Geographic Photographer
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