MARCH 2013 BACK ISSUE by Ori Sadeh
The Accra suburb of Bukom in Ghana has long been renowned for its boxers.  The dusty shanty town lives and breathes boxing and its champions are hailed as heroes.  Bukom has produced many champion fighters, some of whom are exported to New York where they live the dream.  Bukom’s warriors hold onto the very real vision of the success that might, oneday, unfold for them. Champions in the making. Everywhere in the shanty town can be seen posters of Bukom’s champions. No pain, no gain. Fighters are treated like heroes. A fight for a better life and a route to unimaginable riches outside of the shanty town. Life inside the shanty town of Bukom is simple.  There are few prospects.  Boxing is seen by many as a way out. Back to current issue