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March 2018 back issue
Exodus Rohingya in Bangladesh
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by Erberto Zani
Exodus is the new photography book by the documentary photographer Erberto Zani. The book documents the arrival, in Bangladesh, of thousands Rohingya refugees, their sufferings, and also their situation inside huge camps of Balokhali and Thangkhali. The Rohingya's story is another genocide of our time, with few concrete international actions to stop the violence. They are a Muslim minority living in the north Rakhine region, a small state of Myanmar, denied citizenship by a law enacted by its military government, so reducing their status to that of a stateless group. They are denied the right to own land or property and are exposed to forced labour and routine violence, such as rape and murder. Govt. soldiers want complete control of the entire country's land for new forms of economies, mining, timber, geothermal energy.
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Since 2017, in order to survive, more than 800,000 Rohingya have crossed the border into Bangladesh. This is not an event from the past. It's happening now.
Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, October 2017. Bangladeshi Border Guards order Rohingya refugee to stop, when he tries to cross the Myanmar - Bangladesh border. Just small group of people are permitted to cross over, every hour.
More than 15.000 Rohingya, wait their turn to receive food and medicine on small tongues of sand in the ricefields. Bangladesh - Myanmar border. Later, they will be sent in a refugee camp. 
Rohingya people wait, under the hot sun, in the ricefields, to receive drinkable water and rice from organizations: UNHCR, Red Crescent Movement and International Red Cross.
Rohingya man carries a few personal belongings.
Exhausted, after ten days escaping between jungles and mountains, in the hot Sun, they wait their turn, in the mud, to go inside one of the refugee camps.
Rice is distributed twice a day, in buckets. It is then shared out amongst everybody. In the mud, children eat first.
Refugees waiting in the mud during a cold rainstorm.
Heavy cold rainstorm: tarps offer protection against this kind of rain.
A mother with her sick child. Many of the children suffer high fevers, epidermis problems and dysentery.
A Rohingya family tries to force through, without success, the military Border Guards, Bangladesh.
Entrance to the Thangkhali refugee camp.
A view from the top of Balokhali, one of the biggest refugee camps in the Cox's Bazaar area.
A mother and son in front of their plastic tarp tent (Balokhali refugee camp).
Ayub, 37 years old, with his mother Mahamuda, 50 years old, sit inside the tent they share with other three other people (Balokhali refugee camp).
Ranura, 20 years old, with her two children, in front their tent (Balokhali refugee camp).