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March 2019 issue
Miami Beach
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“As contestants arrived for the Drag Queen Competition of the Year at the Warsaw Ballroom on Miami Beach, an old man squinting at them from across the street remarked, ‘Nice, nice – those are some girls, hey? Don’t you wish you could be young again?’ It was 1990 – the start of the last decade of the 20th century – and America had half a million troops fighting in Kuwait, the Berlin Wall had fallen and Nelson Mandela had been released; The Simpsons were born as Tim Berners-Lee wrote the code for the first web page, and Life magazine published a cover photograph of AIDS victim David Kirby dying in the arms of his family. Miami, after two decades of drugs, corruption and violence, was back in action and the end-of- the-century party on the beach was just beginning. All along Ocean Drive what were
by Barry Lewis
once virtually defunct hotels and bars were now blaring out a heady mix of Latin and 80s Rock music into the humid evening air; classic convertibles were slowly cruising the strip crammed with kids waving bottles of champagne and screaming at the passers-by, while newly-arrived fashionistas were tripping the light fantastic on rollerblades, weaving between tourists and bemused locals.” Words: Bill Hayes. Excerpt from Miami Beach 1988-1995
23rd Street, South Beach, 1991
Jon Jon Bubblegum, party animal, and friends South Beach, 1992
Cruise ship leaving the Port of Miami South Beach, 1988
Collins Avenue, South Beach, 1989
South Beach, 1990
South Beach, 1990
Saturday evening boardwalk dancing Hollywood Beach, 1990
E.J. Pence, competitive bodybuilder South Beach, 1990
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Lincoln Road, South Beach, 1990
Ocean Drive, South Beach, 1992
Darleen and Mike Revera, Jehovah’s Witnesses Lincoln Road, South Beach, 1989