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March 2019 issue
I Am More Than My Hair.
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by Alyscia Cunningham
I Am More Than My Hair: My Outward Appearance Does Not Define Me, is a two- part project, documentary film and coffee table book. The newly published book features 138 portraits of 46 women and the stories of their experience with hair loss, as well as women who cut their hair in solidarity of a loved one.
"Never in a million years did I think I would have alopecia. I look a little different, but I’m still me – I’m still Amy!" ~Amy, 39
" The choice I made to shave my head was mine and mine alone. I simply wanted to stop obsessing over losing my hair and get on with living my life. It was a decision that I have never regretted, despite the difficulties I encounter sometimes. I trusted myself enough to make the right decision—for myself." ~Sheila, 52
" My experiences as a bald woman have been very positive. At first, I was worried that people would only see my bald head. But people always see me, which has helped me to see myself. I have learned that you are judged by what’s in your head, not what’s on it. This has confirmed for me that I am more than my hair." ~Mumbi, 68
And this time, the act of shaving my head holds an even greater significance beyond myself. In solidarity with a beloved friend experiencing medical hair loss from the arduous process of chemotherapy, I am choosing to face the world with a bald pate to make a bold statement affirming the courageous strength and inner grace within each woman dealing with cancer. We are so much more than our hair simply because it is irrelevant to our ability to triumph. ~Serene, 46
" I am not my hair because I am beautiful no matter what, and it brings out the smile on my face even more. I'm just simply adorable. Having alopecia hasn't changed me one bit. I'm just as fun and silly as when I had hair." ~Sophie, 8
"Without hair, I learned to step away from the mirror and see myself as who I am, and gain the confidence and tenacity to look at myself in the mirror and to allow others look at me without hair." ~Courtney, 25
"Why can’t women be free to be bald. I wish it wasn’t extraordinary. When was the last time you saw someone say anything to a bald guy? I wish that women would just not have hair and people just won’t comment on it." ~Erika, 34
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