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Ancient Marks by Chris Rainier Essay 1 The Teds by Chris Steele-Perkins Essay 2 The Englishman and the Eel by Stuart Freedman Essay 3 Aubrey Netting by Damian Bird Essay 4 Iceland by Ulrike Crespo Essay 5 Detroit: Unbroken Down by Dave Jordano Essay 6 Organic by Francesco Mastalia Essay 7 Pigeon Hill: Then & Now by Jeffrey A Wolin Essay 8 Circus by Norma I Quintana Essay 9 Bisket Jatra by Apratim Saha Essay 10 People of London by Peter Zelewski Essay 11 Belfast Punk by Ricky Adam Essay 12 The Day After This Night by Michael Hughes Essay 13 Paradise Lost by Steve Evans Essay 14 L’Isola by Salvo Galano Essay 15 Faces of the Rainforest by Valdir Cruz Essay 16 Absence of Being by Susan Burnstine Essay 17 The Once and Present Bombay by Andrew Tonn Essay 18
    May 2017 back issue
“The magazine remains one of the last truly great places to see powerful photography.” Chris Rainier. National Geographic photographer “The quality level of the work and the site's simplicity and user-friendliness will, I believe, enhance the future value of this outstanding archive of contemporary photography.” Medford Taylor, National Geographic Photographer
The Teds
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film & documentary maker
Photo: Chris Steele-Perkins
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