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May 2018 issue
If I live to be 100: The Wisdom of Centenarians
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by Paul Mobley
More than fifty extraordinary Americans, who have all celebrated their one hundredth birthday, share a century of insights. Paul Mobley has taken his camera on the road once again, this time to photograph America’s oldest and wisest citizens. Mobley traveled to all fifty states to find these indomitable, extraordinary centenarians. In this inspiring collection of intimate and powerful portraits, direct quotes, and personal stories, we learn that wisdom is the reward for perseverance. The centenarians in Mobley’s stunning portfolio are eyewitnesses to a century dominated by world wars and conflicts, space travel, and cultural and digital revolutions. Their stories are inspirational, educational, and deeply touching. In them, we are reminded that love, loss, hope, and grief are essential ingredients in a full life and that humor can get us through the worst of times. Mobley’s heartfelt portraits are a beautiful tribute to this unique assemblage of Americans. There are more than 70,000 centenarians in the United States alone. Each of them has touched others with their gift of long  lives.
This book is a celebration of this generation and an inspiration to the rest of us.
HOWARD MUNCE Westport, CONNECTICUT November 27, 1915.
WALTER JACKSON Vero Beach, FLORIDA December 9, 1903.
RUBY HOLT Columbia , TENNESSEE December 13, 1913.
CLAYTON MARX Louisville, KENTUCKY June 17, 1911.
JOE JOLY Cranston,  RHODE ISLAND June 2, 1915.
LES FRITZ Belfield, NORTH DAKOTA March 15, 1915.
FRIEDA NEAS Georgetown, DELAWARE January 8, 1909.
INEZ HARRIES & VENICE SHAW Sylmar, CALIFORNIA / Newbury Park, CALIFORNIA January 15, 1911.
ALVIN SEXTEN Washington Court House, OHIO July 3, 1908.
THELMA ARNOLD Norfolk, VIRGINI June 24, 1915.
SEYMOUR COHN Selma, ALABAMA December 16, 1914.
ANNE SCOTT Pennsauken Township, NEW JERSEY March 26, 1915.
WILL CLARK Tucson, ARIZONA August 17, 1904.
EVERETT PECK Lewiston, IDAHO July 24, 1914.
JACK SOKOLOV Overland Park, KANSAS April 25, 1915.
IRVING KAHN New York, NEW YORK December 19, 1905.
ELI ZEBOOKER Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA April 4, 1913.
JOHN STEPHENSON Santa Fe, NEW MEXICO August 3, 1914.
IRVING PHILLIPS Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA October 10, 1914.
WALTER BREUNING Great Falls, MONTANA September 21, 1896.
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